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November 11th is Air Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then breathe deep because it's Air Day!  OK, maybe it has something to do with air travel... ;)  But, let's get right into celebrating Air Day!


Well, this day got its start back in 1929 thanks to Governor Lawrence Judd, of Hawaii, when the first commercial air service started at John Rodgers Airport. This was the beginning of flights between the Hawaiian Islands and the start of Inter-Island Airways. Traveling times just got a whole lot shorter, as things were taken to the air! And even if you don't live in Hawaii, I'm sure when you travel there you'll appreciate being able to fly from island to island.  John Rodgers Airport was eventually renamed Honolulu International Airport, but they actually flew over 10,000 passengers in their first full year of service. Not too bad for planes that only had 8 seats on them! Hey, it was 1930... give them a break. But to start off the first Air Day, there were two Sikorsky S-38 airplanes named Hawaii and Maui, after the islands, which were escorted by 49 military planes on their first flight.

They flew to Hilo on the Big Island, but had to make a stop at the Ma'alaea Field in Maui first. And that took them about 3 hours, including the stop, since they were only going about 110 miles per hour. But hey, I bet that beats traveling by boat! Oh, you've never heard of this mysterious "Inter-Island Airways"? Well, that's because it's called Hawaiian Airlines now!  When's the last time you flew between the Hawaiian Islands?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, it might be a little late for you to schedule a flight to Hawaii tonight, but you can always plan a trip there today! I mean, what better way to celebrate their air travel than to get to use it, right? Of course, that means you'll have to get a flight from island to island, once you're there, to really take advantage of the celebration. But I'm sure you'll love every minute of getting to see those islands from up in the air.

And if you can't afford to go to Hawaii then why don't you just watch a documentary on the Hawaiian Islands? I mean, you have to figure out what's so special about Hawaii someday, right? Well, are you into nature, animals or perhaps even the history of the islands? Well then, I'm sure there are a handful of documentaries you can watch to fulfill your Hawaiian desires!  But what if it's the airplanes that interest you? Well, then why don't you start by looking into what a Sikorsky S-38 plane even looks like? I don't know what they look like... actually I just looked it up and they look pretty cool! It appears they can land on water and land, but you can dig into the history of planes as deep as you like today. Because today is all about being up in the air, with no fear of falling anytime soon.  Have a great day and think island thoughts!

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