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September 23rd is Autumn Stroll Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then lace up your walking shoes because it's Autumn Stroll Day!  You know you could use the fresh air!  So let's get right into celebrating Autumn Stroll Day!


Well, when's the last time you had a really relaxing day where you pulled yourself away from your work, TV or computer and decided to take a nice long walk? It's been a while hasn't it? I bet the stress is building up! But today you have an excuse to just take a little time to stroll around outside and unwind a bit. We all need it but sometimes we won't de-stress like this unless we have a reason to. Well my friend, you have a reason to today and that reason is called Autumn Stroll Day!  I mean, you might as well get outside before things start to really get chilly and you have no desire at all to go for a walk. It's still bit a warm and you might even be greeted by a gentle breeze. It really is the perfect time of year for a stroll, but that doesn't mean you can't pick up the pace a little, if you want to. ;)

And, depending on where you are located, this might be about the time of year when the leaves are starting to slowly change color. It won't be a full on multicolored display of foliage just yet, but you may just see some reds and other colors that weren't there all summer. And these wonderful colors are one of many reasons to take a stroll at this time of year. Plus the wildlife will still be out and about, strolling around themselves!  Did you put your shoes on yet?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, it's as simple as going outside and taking a walk somewhere. It doesn't have to be anywhere special but, since it's a holiday, maybe you should plan to walk somewhere you've never been or haven't been to in a while. Stimulate all your senses with new things today and you'll soon forget all the stressful things you left behind at home or work.   But if you own a decent camera, then maybe you should bring that along with you. Don't just walk around trying to shut everything out; absorb your surroundings and snap some pictures of things you really want to remember or share with others. You pictures may even inspire someone else to take a stroll today!

And there's nothing wrong with inviting a bunch of friends to stroll along with you. A long walk with a friend is a great way to catch up on old times and to make some new memories. But if you're really looking for new experiences, you may want to plan on going on a hike. Sure, a walk in the city is very acceptable but when you get out in nature things are so much more soothing. And you may see a lot of flowers, colorful leaves, animals and whatever else is actually out there!  Have a great day and enjoy your stroll!

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