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April 27th is Babe Ruth Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then aim for the upper deck because it's Babe Ruth Day!  Swing batter batter!  Let's get right into celebrating Babe Ruth Day!


Today is a holiday because on this day in 1947 Babe Ruth attended a ceremony at Yankee Stadium to honor him for what he did for and with the sport of baseball. This was the second to last time he'd ever step foot in Yankee Stadium. Anyone who's into baseball and knows anything about Babe Ruth will have no problem celebrating this man's life today!  George Herman Ruth, Jr. AKA "Babe" actually got his nickname because Ruth signed a baseball contract with the then minor-league Baltimore Orioles in 1914. But at that time you had to be 25 years old to be considered an adult and Ruth was only 19. So Jack Dunn, the owner of the Orioles, became Ruth's legal guardian and people started calling him "Jack's newest babe". The name stuck and he was known as Babe Ruth from then on!

And sure, you might think of home runs when you think of Babe Ruth but he actually got signed because of his pitching and he was an outfielder too! But what exactly did Babe Ruth do with the sport of baseball... I mean was he that talented?  Well he is #3 on the list of overall home runs, with 714 total home runs. He's #2 for all-time RBIs with 2,217 runs batted in. He's NUMBER ONE for the all-time slugging percentage with a .690. Now that's a powerful hitter! He's #2 for the all-time on-base percentage with a .474. He's NUMBER ONE for the on-base plus slugging statistic with a 1.164. He was 5-0 pitching for the Yankees. And he's #3 on the all time base on balls list with 2,062 walks total. I guess pitchers didn't want to give him a chance to hit another home run, huh?  So yeah, I'd say he deserves to be celebrated if he is still ranked this high with all these stats!


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, you could spend some time watching some old archived footage of the great Babe Ruth in action.  Or you could watch some documentaries about him and learn about his life on and off the field.  Or, if you're close enough, you could even visit Yankee Stadium... the place that sparked the reason for this specific day to be celebrated.  I'm sure someone there would love to talk your ear off about Babe Ruth.  And you're always welcome to stock up on a bunch of Babe Ruth gear today.  Most people wouldn't be able to afford it, but if you can find Babe Ruth cards or autographed balls then you'll be holding onto some prized baseball history!  A cheaper option would just be to buy a jersey with his number on it.  And you know, if Babe had his way, he'd probably want to celebrate a day like this by playing baseball.  So why don't you get out there and practice hitting a few balls, pitching or catching any balls that make it to the outfield?  You could even play a little home run derby and see how can knock the most balls out of the park.  I hope you have a great day and don't get struck out!

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