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December 18th is Bake Cookies Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then tie on that apron because it's Bake Cookies Day!  You look nice in an apron!  But let's get right into celebrating Bake Cookies Day!


Because who isn't eating cookies around this time of year? People love cookies and it's kind of hard to make them without baking them. I mean sure, there are "no-bake" cookies, but for the rest of the cookies out there, you can't exactly microwave them. Although I'm sure many have tried and not liked the results! And you could probably fry your cookies, but that's just asking for trouble. No, I think you're going to want to bake your cookies, just like the rest of us, and enjoy every bite of that baked goodness!  And all you really need, to make cookies, are some very basic ingredients: butter or oil, flour, eggs and sugar. Yep... it's just a sweet dough! And since you're not adding any water to the mix, you end up with a thicky thick dough, that won't rise much when it's baked. But, as you already know, you can add in all kinds of ingredients for different flavors and textures. And in order to have the tastiest of tasty cookies, you need to bake them so that they firm up a little but still retain their chewiness. At least that's how I like them!

So what kind of cookies do you opt for around this time of year? Chocolate chip cookies? Peanut butter cookies? Gingerbread men? There are SO many types of cookies to choose from that I'm sure you'll end up with quite a different variety in your kitchen, by the end of the year. But try your very best to refrain from buying ready-made cookies...  You've got to bake to celebrate!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Dude, come on... it says how to celebrate in the holiday name! You're going to have to bake some cookies. But don't worry, if you don't want to put in too much work, you can buy tubes of cookie dough! Then all you do is slice it up, pop it on a cookie sheet, put it in the oven and wait for your lovely cookies. See, that was easy, wasn't it?  But I know a lot of you like to control what ingredients go into your cookies, and you may even want to explore a little outside of what's seen as normal, in the cookie world. If that's the case, then start searching around for cookie recipes and see what makes your mouth start to water. It's funny that a lot of times we'll have all the ingredients in our house for months on end, but we never turn them into cookies. Well, now you get to surprise yourself and see what wonderful creations you can turn those neglected ingredients into!  But if you want to be bold, then think of what weird and wonderful ingredients you could sneak into the mix. For instance, there are meats that actually taste good with a little sweetness, like ham, bacon or even chicken. How do you think bacon and brown sugar cookies would taste? You could even add in small amounts of everything you put in your coffee, including the coffee, and have some awesome breakfast cookies!  Have a great day and don't forget to have some milk on hand!

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