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Becoming Tarahumaran | Rekindling the Native Spirit of Running

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Barefoot Running Sandals by Xero Shoes

* Spicy Cabbage and Pinto Beans on 2 Tortillas

* 1 Pinole "Brownie"

Before Run
* 1 Glass of Iskiate

* 1 Bowl of Spicy Cabbage, Pinto Bean and Yam Soup

I had planned on reading the book "Born to Run" as inspiration before I set off on my journey on foot from Delaware to California but, since I wasn't able to build enough support for such a feat, I got a bit discouraged, stopped running and grew a gut and a beard.  But after finally reading the book, I was surprised to find how much I have in common with the Tarahumara people.  Running to them is fun, and it's not about earning medals or ending up on a finishers list, which is probably why they can run 100 miles in sandals made out of old tires and still be smiling by the end of it.  I feel that we should all run to improve who we are; you should be competing against the old you, not against others.

But when it comes to nutrition and footwear, that's where the Tarahumara people and I don't have much in common.  So, it's time for me to shake the dust off my running legs and step up to the plate once again, to physically challenge myself to "become Tarahumaran".  How will I do that?  Well to start, I'm going to have to kick my fancy running shoes to the curb and slip on a pair of Xero Shoes, which are very similar to the huaraches that the Tarahumara people wear on their runs.  The more expensive your running shoes are, the more likely you are to have some kind of running injury, and there have been studies conducted which prove that fact.  I opted for Xero Shoes over the Luna Sandals because Xero Shoes are cheaper, they offer a 5,000 mile performance gaurantee, you have the option to have them custom fit the shoes for you and they donate 10% of the purchase price to the Tarahumara Children's Hospital Fund (which is much better than the 1% that Luna Sandals donates to the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon).  When I run, I will have no set path, speed or distance; I'm just going to run until my body tells me it's time to stop, and you can see my monthly progress below.  Now, I'm going to be tracking all of my runs with the RunKeeper App, and feel free to add me as a friend on there, but if I want to be comfortable running really long distances then I'm going to have to make some Tarahumaran changes to my diet, which you can see below.  What I have outlined for you below was partially inspired by another website and it is how I will be eating only on the days I run (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), which will make it easier for me to stick with it and compare how differently I feel whenever I'm consuming a strict Tarahumaran diet.
Here is my Old Tarahumaran Diet (first 3 months, while still running)...              

* 1 Hard-Boiled Egg
* 1 Orange
* Pinole "Oatmeal"

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