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January 17th is Benjamin Franklin's Birthday

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If you're not sure what to do today then pop on your party hat because it's Benjamin Franklin's Birthday!  This man did so many good things in his life that he'll never be forgotten.  Let's get right into celebrating Benjamin Franklin's Birthday!


While today might technically not be a holiday, Benjamin Franklin did so many amazing things in his life that he deserves to have his birthday celebrated until the end of time.  Ben was born in Boston, Massachusetts on this day in 1706. He actually didn't graduate from school, but continued to drain tons of books of their knowledge in an attempt to self educate.   He became an apprentice to his brother in a printing shop, but left his apprenticeship without permission and ran off to Philadelphia at the age of 17.  There he eventually set up a group called Junto; a discussion group who loved reading books. Books were hard to come by in those days so Ben set up a subscription library that became the Library Company of Philadelphia. The Junto group members would pool together funds to buy new books and this company is still a great research library today!  And in 1733, Ben Franklin started publishing the Poor Richard's Almanack under the pseudonym Richard Saunders. But ol' Benjamin was more than just a book worm; he was an inventor too!  He invented the lightning rod to keep buildings from catching on fire if they were struck by lightning.
He invented the Franklin stove for more efficient heating.  He invented bifocal glasses so that he didn't have to switch back and forth between glasses in his old age.  And he wasn't greedy; he didn't patent any of his inventions! He wanted everyone to be able to freely use what he invented.  He even mapped out charts of the oceanic currents in the Atlantic Ocean to help ships be able to travel through the water quicker. And can you believe that most people ignored his charts for the longest time?  And I'm just brushing the surface here... he even played the violin, harp and guitar!  So you can see why I believe that this man's birth should be celebrated for many years to come.


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, you could try your best to use a handful of his inventions or at least look into the process involved in their creation.  Or you could brush up on Benjamin Franklin's life; I'm sure you'll learn things about this man that you've never heard of before.  He did so much in his life that I'd literally have to write a book to be able to include all the details.  His life is a great motivator for all to get out there and try to improve things.  Or you could dress up as him and prance around town if you like.  I'm sure everyone would get a kick out of that!
Or you could read what his thirteen virtues were and try to live by them yourself; at least for today ;).  Or heck, cruise on over to a store while you listen to an old Puff Daddy tune in preparation to spend your own Benjamin-faced bill on something you need.  To B. Frank., I hope you have a great day!

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