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December 15th is Bill of Rights Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you like freedom because it's Bill of Rights Day!  And I am free to say anything I want to about today!  So, let's get right into celebrating Bill of Rights Day!


Because today is the day, way back in 1791, when the United States Bill of Rights first came into play. And this group of amendments outlines some of the biggest individual rights we have, as United States citizens. The U.S. Constitution was, and is still, a great document, but it needed to be amended to ensure that no one would abuse the power given to them, by the Constitution. And the first ten amendments are packaged up, and called the Bill of Rights, which we celebrate today, because freedom is awesome!  Do you know your rights? Like having the freedom to say and believe what you want to, being able to own a gun, not having to shack up with military soldiers in YOUR house, being safe from random searches without a reason, having a just court system in place, just in case you get accused of a crime, and stating that YOU and the individual States have some power that the Federal Government never will. Why? Because the Constitution doesn't give them unlimited powers!  That's just a summary of most of the Bill of Rights, and you're welcome to read the full text yourself, but did you know that there were originally 12 amendments that Congress first passed? Yep... there were! But the States only passed 10 of them. One of them, which still hasn't seen the light of day, dealt with regulating the amount of representatives there would be, in comparison to how many citizens there are. But, the other amendment, eventually became the Twenty-seventh Amendment in 1992, and it deals with delaying fluctuations in pay for people in Congress.  Did your brain just grow a little bit?

So, how can you celebrate today?  Well first, I think you should brush up on the Bill of Rights! Go read them, word for word, and be sure that you know what your rights are. It's a lot easier for someone to take advantage of you if you don't know that they're not supposed to. Seems pretty logical, right? But once you know what your rights are, you won't just do as someone says because of their special uniform or whatever position they may hold. And that scares a lot of people who are in charge.  They want to be able to herd you around like sheep and not have issues whenever they try to shave down your rights. Want to scare "the powers that be" even more? Get your friends to read up on the Bill of Rights too! Quiz each other on them, but make it a little fun. Do little scenarios with each other and test the knowledge of your friends, on the Bill of Rights. Put them into a fake situation where you're going to impose on their rights and see if they say, "No, you can't do that; that's going against the ___ amendment!"  "We the people" have the power to say who is allowed to run the government, whether it's local, State or Federal. So, keep the Bill of Rights in mind every single time you are about to vote someone into office. Look at their track record, what they believe, the type of laws they support and so on... are they for or against ALL of the amendments in the Bill of Rights? Yes, all of them; not just 75% of them. If you want to be free and stay free, you have to ensure that the Bill of Rights always are respected and enforced.  Have a great day and I enjoy dipping steak into Ranch dressing. Hey, I'm free to say what I want to as long as it doesn't hurt others! ;)

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