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June 14th is Blood Type Awareness Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then let's see if I'm your type because it's Blood Type Awareness Day!  Do you have rare liquids flowing through you?  Let's get right into celebrating Blood Type Awareness Day!

Why would you care to know what your blood type is? Well, if you ever need blood or maybe even an organ transplant then you need to know what type of blood you have. If you have the wrong type of blood your body might reject what you are given. So, by knowing what type of blood you are you can save a little time if and when you ever need such a donation or if you plan on donating yourself. So it makes sense to celebrate such handy information, doesn't it?  Blood typing began way back in 1901 when Karl Landsteiner found the two most common blood groups during blood transfusion research. Then, when the Coombs test came about in 1945 and transfusion medicine started up, a bunch of other blood types were discovered. There are now 30 different human blood group systems recognized by the International Society of Blood Transfusion and in those groups there are over 600 different blood group antigens.  But there are really 8 main blood types that we pay attention to when dealing transfusions and organ donation... Type O (positive and negative), Type A (positive and negative), Type B (positive and negative) and Type AB (positive and negative). The rarest of them all is Type AB- because only 1 in 167 people have this type of blood. But that's OK because they can accept blood from people who are Type O-, Type A-, Type B- and Type AB-, when dealing with red blood cell compatibility. But 1 in 15 might have a problem because they might be Type O- and you can only accept blood from someone else who is also Type O-. The funny thing is that ALL the other types can accept Type O- blood. And if you're Type AB+ then you're in luck because you can accept blood from everyone!  So what blood type are you?
So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you already know your blood type you can look up information on your blood type online. Read the statistics, see who can accept your blood and maybe even look into one of those diets that are based on your blood type. And then hey, you're always welcome to go give blood. If you're Type O- then I really suggest that you do so that you can help save lives by having this special type of blood on hand.  But if you don't know what your blood type is then you can find out in a few different ways. You can ask your doctor, who might already have the information on hand. You can ask the blood donation staff if they can tell you after you are done donating. Or you can find out yourself with one of those home blood typing kits. Either way, you'll be a bit moreknowledgeableabout yourself after today.  And actually I think it'd be kind of cool if you were Type O-, Type AB- or even Type B- (1 in 67 people) to start a little blood type hang out group. You don't have to do things that deal with blood all the time or anything like that, you'd just organize the group so you can hang out with your type of people ;). And if you want, you could all donate blood like once a month since your grouping is based on your blood type. Heck, if you can donate blood for money then just put all the funds into an account for your group to fund awesome parties and things you want to do with your blood type friends. But otherwise it's just a novelty and an excuse to hang out with some cool people while you do pretty much anything you can think of to plan for a group of people! BUT if you organize a Type O- group then you have a very beneficial asset if any of you ever needs blood or an organ transplant quickly. So these blood type hang out groups could serve many purposes.  Have a great day and keep that blood flowing!

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