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May 22nd is Buy-A-Musical Instrument Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then prepare to make some noise because it's Buy-A-Musical Instrument Day!  It can be big or small; stop procrastinating and start practicing!  Let's get right into celebrating Buy-A-Musical Instrument Day!


Well, do you like music? I thought so. But what if no one bought musical instruments? We'd have to be satisfied with a bunch of knee slapping beat boxers, huh? But we all love variety and in order to achieve the variety of sounds we enjoy someone has to buy a musical instrument to keep the music coming. And a lot of people will put off purchases like this so today is set aside as a day to keep you from procrastinating and start making some beautiful music. Or at least start practicing ;).  And it appears that musical instruments first got their start as rattles, drums and... stampers? These do seem like logical instruments to start with, since they're so easy to learn how to use. And why did they want such instruments? Well, to add a little flavor to their dancing and they were even used for rituals. Dancing without music gets a bit boring after a while, especially to the spectators, but when you add a little music then you can watch for hours. Next up on the evolution of musical instruments are flutes and trumpets, which produced sounds never before heard.

But when you fast forward to today there are SO many different types of instruments for you to choose from that there's no reason not to celebrate today. If you don't have that much money then there are plenty of instruments that cost less than $10. A toy flute still counts! If you aren't that musically talented then there are plenty of instruments that require no talent at all. I mean how much talent do you need to play the triangle?  For those about to rock.... I salute you!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, that's easy... buy a musical instrument! If you're a musician who has had their eye on an instrument for a while then today is the day to get it. You know how to play and you know what you want so stop putting it off and go get it! I'm sure everyone around you will enjoy the updated sounds of your musical talents.  And if you're not a musician but you've always wanted to learn how to play a certain instrument then go buy one today! Don't be that person in their 40s or 50s that wishes they had learned how to play the guitar or drums. Be that person in their 40s or 50s that just bought their first guitar or drum set and is starting to learn how to play! It's never too late or too early to learn how to start playing an instrument.  And if you're none of the above but still want to celebrate then pick up some wacky instrument so you can randomly add some sounds to your day. If you have kids then I'm sure they'll love playing around with random instruments. And if you find yourself bored often it can be pretty fun to mess around with an instrument and try to figure it out. Heck, make it a goal for today to find one of the oddest instruments you've seen! I've actually seen shirts that have keyboards in them.  Enjoy your day... I'm waiting to hear what new music you create!

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