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June 24th is Celebration of the Senses Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then it's time to celebrate the "little" things because it's Celebration of the Senses Day!  Yep; all of them! Touch, taste, sight, hearing and sniffables!  Let's get right into celebrating Celebration of the Senses Day!


Well, can you really imagine what life would like if you didn't have one of your senses. Heck, some of you might not even have all five senses right now! And do you enjoy the limitation? Now imagine having no senses at all... You can't feel anything you touch, you can't taste anything, you can't see anything, you can't hear anything and you can't smell anything. What kind of a life would that be? How could you communicate with the outside world? Would you even know there's a world out there? Now come back to reality and realize why we would want to celebrating something as simple as our senses.  We might not even realize how important some of our senses are until we take a moment to think about it. The sense of touch actually protects us from burning ourselves, freezing ourselves or even cutting ourselves. So it's quite a defensive sense! But it's also nice to feel a soft blanket or know when someone's tapping you on your shoulder. Taste can be a slightly defensive sense too because if something tastes like it went bad we spit it out! But taste also makes eating quite an enjoyable experience, which keeps us alive.  Sight helps us in SO many ways by letting us see what is around us like say a car speeding in our direction. It helps us notice the good and bad things around us, makes it a lot easier to find things and it's nice to see some of the beautiful things going on in the world. Hearing also protects us by alerting us that there's a train approaching us from behind or maybe it just helps us get to work on time. But it's really nice to be able to hear the calming sounds of music or nature. And our sense of smell can protect us from burning in a house fire or eating food that's spoiled... how many of you smell food all the time? Plus it boosts our eating experience and it's nice to stop and smell the flowers sometimes.  We've got a lot to celebrate don't we?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, you have a TON of options and I recommend that you celebrate all of your fully functioning senses. Go into your closet and put on a really soft shirt, or lay in your bed and close your eyes and feel how soft your blanket is. Or if you have a pet, rub their soft fur and appreciate that you know what this feels like. Put your hand near hot and cold things and notice how you react and then appreciate that you're not going to melt your skin or freeze it off. And taste... well, I think you know what to do! Go out to eat at a new place, order something new and slowly eat it; savor each and every bite.  And for sight you can go see some amazing outdoor spot, an art exhibit or really anything that catches your eye. Stop and stare at it to really pull in and appreciate what you're seeing. And for hearing you can go to a concert, put on your favorite music or just stay outside a little longer and close your eyes; I'm sure you'll hear some birds chirping. Then of course there is your sense of smell... which can be explored through new colognes or perfumes, flowers or even something fresh from the oven. Sniff hard!  Enjoy your day and your exploration of your senses!

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