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September 17th is Constitution Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you don't mind a little reading because it's Constitution Day!  Oh yes, it is time to brush up on the laws of the land!  So let's get right into celebrating Constitution Day!


Well, at first this holiday was called I am an American Day or Citizenship Day and was on the third Sunday in May. But they swapped not only the date to today but also the name to Constitution Day because this is the day way back in 1787 when the United States Constitution was signed at the United States Constitutional Convention. So the date makes a lot more sense, given the name of the holiday, and this is a really important document and event for all U.S. Citizens.  In 2004, Senator Robert Byrd made an amendment to the Omnibus spending bill in order to change the name of this holiday and also mandate that all publicly funded educational institutions educate others on the history of the U.S. Constitution on this day. So, as you can see, it's quite an educational holiday!

And it really is something that people should learn about if they live in the United States. It lets them know if the people running the government are actually obeying the laws of the land that were put forth through this document. And after reading it myself, I can tell you that in some instances they are not! We need to know the laws, know our rights and make sure that this document is upheld, because it's more than just a piece of paper.  Are you ready to flex your brain? 


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, you can start by looking online for the transcript of the United States Constitution. Then go ahead and read it from top to bottom and really absorb the laws that were originally laid out for this country. Then read the amendments to see what things were changed and how the law stands today. You may even notice a few sections of the Constitution that aren't being followed by our government today.  And if that is the case, then feel free to drop your local Senator or State Representative an email and ask them why the Constitution isn't being upheld by our government. It may help them realize that we're on the wrong path and their response may shine a new light on why things are how they are or how things are going to change. But if you see that the Constitutional laws aren't being upheld then tell people and ask why we're ignoring the laws of the land.

You can even look into the history of what brought about the creation of this document. Find out whose idea it was, why they wanted to write it and what kind of outside pressure was trying to keep them from going through with it. I mean, we live at a beautiful time where things are a lot easier and I'm sure a lot of people don't even understand how brave those men had to be to sign such a document.  Have a great day and enjoy your freedom!

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