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July 25th is Culinarian's Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you like food because... wait, who doesn't like food?  It's Culinarian's Day!  Oh yes, a day for those that help us feast... let's get right into it!


Well, think about it... you really can't go long without food, now can you? And if no one knew how to cook then you'd be very limited on what you could eat or you'd just have to be down with eating some pretty gross stuff. BUT we have culinarians, chefs or cooks that keep us from hating the process of eating. They make meals delicious and sometimes even get really artistic with it when they present it to you. They keep our stomachs happy and they deserve a holiday!  There are many different types of culinarians out there and some actually specialize in certain types of cooking. They go to culinary schools, learn first hand and they master the craft so that we can taste some of the best food our taste buds have ever had rubbed on them. They wear fancy little outfits and they know more about cooking than you do about eating.

But this holiday isn't limited to just professional culinarians. No, anyone that cooks on a regular basis is a culinarian in my mind. You don't have to work at a fancy restaurant or have won awards for your recipes. All you need to do is cook often and put in the extra effort to learn how to make meals taste as delicious as they look. So even though you're not a professional, this day is for you too!  Give my compliments to the chef!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, why don't you go out to a fancy restaurant first so that you can see why you should appreciate culinarians? Get something you know you'll love or try something new. And when you end up really enjoying your meal, let the culinarian or chef know! Tell the waiter to let them know or ask for the chef to come out to you so you can tell them yourself. You could try to tip them but I'm sure that's against the restaurant's policy. However you can always give praise to the culinarians at that restaurant so that they get more business and become a frequent patron to the restaurant yourself.  Or, you can always give a culinarian you know a little break today. Tell them that you love all the food they make but today they get a day off. Make them something they love and try to keep them out of the kitchen so that they don't give you pointers on it. Cook for them all day and keep reminding them that this is how nice it is to have someone else cook for you. And then at the end of the day you can hand the reigns back to them and let them cook as they always do.  Plus you can pay attention to their gripes as they are cooking. Do they always complain about an appliance or a utensil? Is there anything you can do for them to make cooking at home easier? Can you get them a new appliance, utensils, pots or pans? Can you keep the kids out of the kitchen while they cook? Or can you do the dishes or clean off the counters so that it's easier to cook in your kitchen? Show them that you appreciate their love for cooking by making it easier for them to cook.  Have a great day and enjoy your meal!

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