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December 5th is Day of the Ninja

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If you're looking for something to do today then watch your back because it's Day of the Ninja!  There are two ninjas in the room with you right now...  But let's get right into celebrating Day of the Ninja!


Because ninjas are freaking awesome! They're sneaky little killers that have been a part of our lives for quite some time... even if it was just through TV and movies, for most of us. But the long-lived battle of awesomeness between pirates and ninjas has been going on for quite a while. And since the pirates have their own special day, it's only right that the ninjas get a holiday too, right? Just agree... one of the ninjas in your room is about to pounce!  Ninjas are stealth mercenaries from Japan, that didn't quite get into the limelight in the history books, like the Japanese samurai did. They were usually from the lower class and were trained to be really secretive, even about their own identity. They were pretty much like early spies, who did the dirty work for the Japanese. They would sabotage, assassinate and collect information about the enemy.

Their training started as they were children because we all know practice makes perfect. They would finely tune their bodies with long runs, stealthily swim through water and climb a number of obstacles. Ninjas were also great with disguises but the all black uniforms we see them depicted in today aren't really historically accurate. No one seems to have to written about such an outfit. In fact, they dressed more like a samurai, but they did use katanas and throwing stars.  And they are still in your room... just kidding! ...or am I? ;)


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well for starters, why don't you dig a little deeper into the true history of ninjas? It always helps to know what you're really celebrating, and sometimes what we think we know is far from the truth. So grab a book or find a good documentary and start splashing some wisdom on your brain. Once you know what ninjas really did you might be all about celebrating them today, even if you are a pirate lover!  And once you know the truth, perhaps you'd like to take a stab at being a ninja for a day? Dress up in a disguise and see how long you can go without people noticing you. Set out some kind of plan you want to achieve for the day and see how ninja-like you really are. I don't care if it's something as simple as sneaking up on 10 people just to tap them on the shoulder or something as hard as making your own shoes so you can walk on water... just go be a ninja!  And sure, you could stay in and watch ninja movies all day but why don't you connect with some other ninja lovers today? Ask around online or call your friends up and see who has a love for these sneaky Japanese folk. Once you have a few people willing to celebrate with you, you could do something cool like go to a place with a bunch of gymnastic equipment and work on your flips and parkour-style moves. And then, after you're all wore you, you can all watch a ninja movie as you feast on some Japanese takeout.  Have a great day and... wait... where'd you go?

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