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September 13th is Defy Superstition Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then break a mirror because it's Defy Superstition Day!  That's right; it's time to let go of all those silly fears!  Let's get right into celebrating Defy Superstition Day!


Today is set aside as a day to brush off those crazy fears that have been passed down, generation to generation. There are so many ridiculous things that people still believe will happen or have happened because of tiny little events in their lives. It makes people hesitant to live their lives how they want and they tip toe around these superstitions so that their life chugs along smoothly, but it has to stop! You can't let these supernatural fears hold you back all your life and now is the time to just let go!  A superstition is a belief that no matter how disconnected two events are, that one simple thing caused the other. It could cause something good or bad, but somehow it is supposedly the reason that these things happen. I'm not sure how superstitions got started but it's probably no different than people having random objects that they consider to be lucky.

But if you break a mirror on accident, should you really be afraid of having bad luck for the next seven years? I mean, think about that; you're going to go through the next seven years of your life just waiting for bad things to happen. You're going to focus on everything that could possibly go wrong and sure, bad things are going to happen eventually. And hey, you already have something to blame; that broken mirror! But unless you enjoy living your life in fear and you don't want to take responsibility for your actions then just ignore these superstitions, at least for today, because it's nothing more than a mindset.  So live freely today!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, the name of the holiday does tell you to defy superstition, so all you really have to do is not let superstitious thoughts run your day today. If a black cat crosses your path today then call it over to you and pet it... there's no reason to fear bad luck! If you see some change on the ground and you could use a little money then pick it up, regardless of if it is heads up or tails up... the money still ends up in your pocket, doesn't it?  But if you want to have some fun, you can sit around with some friends today and find giant lists of superstitions online. Read through them and have a good laugh at the old superstitions that nobody really believes anymore and shake your head at the superstitions that people do still believe. And feel free to ask all your friends if they really believe any of these superstitions, why they believe them and if they have any proof to back their fears.  And if you want to take things a step farther then why don't you all go ahead and start defying those superstitions? If someone still believes in a certain superstition then have them face their fears and take part in the superstitious activity only to find out that nothing has happened because of it. You can even see who can defy the most superstitions in a set amount of time. Not only will you kick your fears in the face but you are all going to have quite an interesting time!  Have a great day and enjoy letting your fears go!

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