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June 9th is Donald Duck Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then it's time to tap into your roots because it's Donald Duck Day!  How could you forget about this guy?  Let's get right into celebrating Donald Duck Day!


Because today is Donald Duck's birthday! I mean the day he was created... or OK the first time he appeared in a cartoon. Way back in 1934, Donald Duck first appeared in a cartoon called "The Wise Little Hen" where Donald and Peter Pig tried to avoid work by faking stomach aches. Mrs. Hen wasn't having any of that and quickly taught them the value of labor! Funny, three years later Daffy Duck popped up in a cartoon with a pig in it too, hmmm.  But that's how old Donald got his start; in the Silly Symphonies trying to avoid work. He's a white, cartoon duck that's dressed as a sailor who we've all tried to talk like at one point or another. I know I enjoyed all the times this crazy little duck would get upset as I grew up watching Disney cartoons. It was also pretty funny to see the rivalry between him and Mickey Mouse; you're not going to top Mickey, Donald!

But you can thank Dick Lundy for being the first to animate this wild duck. He went from The Wise Little Hen, to the Orphan's Benefit, to The Band Concert and so many other cartoons that I couldn't possibly name them all. Even though he has a short temper, people seem to love him as he's surely not faded from the spotlight all these years.  Let's hear your best Donald Duck impersonation ;)!


So, what can you do to celebrate today?  Well, one of the best options would be to see this cartoon character in action, of course! So check and see if you have any Disney videos with him in it, check YouTube or go pick up a DVD. Spend your day with some young ones who have yet to see him or just watch the cartoons yourself. I won't tell anyone ;).

Plus there are tons of Donald Duck branded items out there that you can get your hands on. There are stuffed animals, books, action figures, clothing and so many other things you could get to show your love for Donald. Are you brave enough to get a Donald Duck tattoo today?  And hey, if you're lucky enough to be close to a Disney-themed park today then hunt down Donald and give him a good squeeze. I'm sure he'll be walking around the park somewhere. But if you're not close to a Disney park then why don't YOU be Donald Duck for a day? Slip into a costume, practice up on your Donald voice and go out on the town and see who wants to stop for pictures. I'm sure it'll be quite a shock for people to see Donald Duck walking around their town but I bet it'll make them smile!  Have a great day Donald lovers!

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