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March 13th is Ear Muff Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then warm your ears up because it's Ear Muff Day!  Give the hats and hoodies a day off!  Let's get right into celebrating Ear Muff Day!


This specific day was chosen as Ear Muff Day because this is the day that the first pair of ear muffs were patented in 1877. These ear muffs were designed by 15 year old Chester Greenwood, four years earlier. He called them the "Champion Ear Protector". Sounds like high-class job, huh?  But why celebrate them, right? Well, go outside today and tell me if your ears are a little cold. Now slip on some ear muffs and see if that problem isn't solved right away. Sure, you could put on a hat or pull up your hood, but that will mess up your hair.  Plus ear muffs really hug your ears with toasty-warm fabrics. A good pair of ear muffs will keep your ears warmer than a hoodie will and some hats let your ear lobes hang out; we can't be having that!

The temperature here is only in the 40's today and, when I went outside for a decent amount of time, my ears were begging for some warmth! So the real question is, "Why don't you want to celebrate?" If your ears could talk, they'd probably be asking you the same thing.  And even if it isn't cold where you are, there are also ear muffs that protect your hearing. I'm sure you've seen construction workers wearing them. Our ears are pretty special to us and they deserve to be protected from the elements and loud sounds.  So slip on a pair of ear muffs for the day and spoil those little ears of yours!


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you have a pair of ear muffs then break them out of hibernation for at least a day.  Wear them around proudly wherever you go, especially if you're outside a lot.  And don't be afraid to do different things out in the cold; your ears will be toasty warm today!  Just don't forget to double up on the warmth by slipping some gloves on your hands too.

And if you don't have ear muffs then go shopping for a pair today.  They're not that expensive and they come in a ton of different styles.  Go for a pair that look really stylish if you don't want to look like a dork wearing them.  Or buy a pair that wraps behind your head if you're afraid of messing up your hair.  You could even have a competition with your friends to see who can find the craziest looking pair of ear muffs.  Then you can all wear your odd-looking ear muffs as you walk around together and really turn some heads as people notice you walking by.  Ear muffs aren't as popular these days so people aren't going to know what to think when they see a crowd of people all wearing wacky-looking ear muffs.  Have a great day and keep your ears warm!

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