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December 1st is Eat a Red Apple Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then hold out your hand because it's Eat a Red Apple Day!  Yep, this is a one-hand holiday!  But let's get right into celebrating Eat a Red Apple Day!


Well, apples have to be one of the most commonly eaten fruits, right? And it is said that just one apple a day will keep the doctor away, so that's a plus! And since that's all this holiday is about, eating a single, red apple, it might just start a healthy habit for you. Some people already love the taste of apples and the apple-loving crowd is probably the reason why this holiday got started. But if you don't eat them very often, perhaps you'll spark a new love for a certain type of red apple today, and that's nothing to be ashamed of!  In fact, apple trees have been cultivated for quite some time... Alexander the Great even brought some dwarfed apple trees back to Macedonia, that he found in Kazakhstan way back in 328 BC. But how did apple trees make their way to the United States? Well, the colonists brought them over in the 17th century, of course! It's even said that the first apple orchard to be planted in the whole continent of North America was near Boston in 1625.

But what about those red apples that you're supposed to be eating today, right? Well, you have plenty of different varieties to choose from! Don't believe me? Well, let me go ahead and name a bunch for you then. You've got Gala, Mollies Delicious, Jersey Mac, Akane, Paula Red, McIntosh, Honeycrisp, Jonathan, Cortland, Red Delicious, Jonagold, Keepsake, Braeburn, Rome, Stayman, Enterprise, Melrose, Macoun, Liberty, Yates, Fuji, Arkansas Black and I'm sure there are plenty I didn't name.  Yeah, you really have no excuse not to celebrate today; I'm sure you can manage to eat at least one of those varieties!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, I bet most of you already have a red apple waiting for you to sink your teeth into it. So, go ahead and locate it, pick it up, press your teeth against it until you break off a chunk and begin the process of eating that red apple. Yes, this celebration does involve a little chewing! And there you go, you just celebrated yet another amazing holiday, in the comfort of your own home.  But, if you don't have any red apples in your house, then head to the grocery store and select at least one variety you'd like to try out. Go with one you know you like, choose one you never had before or get one of each and be a real overachiever! And if you're really rad, you'll buy a bag of red apples and hook others up with celebratory treats today. It's never fun to celebrate all by yourself, now is it?  And you don't have to eat your apple plain... you can consume it any way you like! Cut it into slices and sprinkle a little salt on it, if you want, or dip it in a sweet, fruit dip. Bake your apple for a soft and aromatic treat. Mash it into applesauce for some homemade awesomeness. It's really up to you, and I'm sure you can come up with many creative ways to eat a red apple today!  Have a great day and try not to eat the core!

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