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June 17th is Eat Your Vegetables Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then it's time to make your Mom proud because it's Eat Your Vegetables Day!  That's right; clean your plate!  Let's get right into celebrating Eat Your Vegetables Day!


Well, we're about halfway through June which is National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month, so this is like a mid-month reminder. And with something like vegetables some of us really do need a reminder to eat them. Fruits aren't as easy to forget about, because they're nice and sweet, but some people just don't get enough vegetables in their diet. And since vegetables are so good for us, this day was set aside to remind us to keep shoveling them into our mouths!  Now there are a lot of things that are called vegetables that aren't really true vegetables. A vegetable isn't the fruit or seed of a plant, it's the leaf, stem or root. So in reality tomatoes, peppers and peas aren't vegetables! Even though you could still count them as "culinary vegetables" ;). But spinach, broccoli and carrots are a few of the true vegetables you can eat today!  But why eat vegetables, right? Well, they're low-fat and packed with vitamins and minerals. Does that help? What about the fact that they're pretty low calorie when you look at the amount in each serving? Like a cup of broccoli is only about 31 calories, but a single slice of bread is sometimes 2 or 3 times that number. Think about how full you'd feel after one slice of bread. Now think about how full you'd feel after 2 or 3 cups of broccoli. See, it really pays off to balance your meals with a good serving or two of vegetables.  Ready to eat?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, it's pretty simple to celebrate but why don't you celebrate in style. Go ask someone you've had your eyes on for a while if they want to go out for dinner tonight. Or, if you already are with someone then just take them. And when you're looking at the menu, make a note of all the tempting dishes that have vegetables in them. You can get an appetizer that is infused with vegetables or a salad or soup packed with vegetables to start off your eating adventure. And then just make sure that you order a good amount of vegetables on the side of your meal. You won't even realize you're celebrating and your date won't either, but you'll be glad you went out tonight and your stomach will enjoy the balanced meal.  But if you don't want to go out to eat then you can pick up some fresh vegetables from your grocery store or maybe even the farmer's market. Get a wide variety of vegetables that you can eat today and the rest of the week. Then go home and find some good recipes to use up your delicious vegetables. Or you can always just chop them up and dip them in some ranch dressing.  But you could play a little game today too. Cook up a bunch of different culinary vegetables and then round up your family or friends for a little quiz and eat game. Then you just put a plate of one culinary vegetable in front of someone and ask them if this is a true vegetable. If they get it right then they can eat it. If not then move onto the next person and quiz them on a different culinary vegetable. It'll take a little research on your part but it'll be a tasty learning experience for all.  Have a great day and enjoy chomping on some plants!

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