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May 25th is Geek Pride Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then maybe you should be proud of who you are because it's Geek Pride Day!  We're all a little geeky in some way and there's no reason to hide it!  Let's get right into celebrating Geek Pride Day!


Today is known as Geek Pride Day or Nerd Pride Day because on this day in 1977 the first Star Wars film came out in theatres. And we all have seen the long lines full of Star Wars fans that camp out every time there's a new Star Wars movie... or heck, anything to do with Star Wars! They dress up as the characters, they swing lightsabers, they collect action figures... they are geeks. And they might be some of the biggest geeks, but they're not the only kind of geek you can be. So today is a day to be proud of however geeky you may be.  Because think about it, if geeks weren't around then we wouldn't have half of things we do. Would you call Steve Jobs or Bill Gates a geek? Well, then most of you can probably thank them because you're using something they helped develop. Yeah, being smart might not be the popular and cool thing as you're growing up but geeks get stuff done.

And there are a wide variety of geeks, some of which aren't really that intelligent. Sure, you can be a book geek and study up on a ton of topics but you also can be a video game geek. And just because you know all the Pokemon characters, doesn't really mean you're smart but it does mean you're a geek. But hey, nobody's making fun of you today so anytime someone takes a Pickachu show them that you're proud of who you are and keep your head held high!  Geeks unite!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well for starters, if you're in geek denial then take a look at all the things you enjoy. Is there anything that you're a little obsessive about? Anything that maybe you'd be a little embarrassed to tell people that you really like it? Well, that's kind of what being a geek's all about. If you REALLY like something that the majority of people wouldn't think is that cool then you're a geek! And that's just fine, because I am too.

Now that you've accepted the fact that you're a geek you need to celebrate it! So whatever it is you really enjoy you should go all out today and show it off. If you like a certain TV show or movie then have a marathon and watch it all day as you sit around with friends who are dressed up as the characters. If you love books then head to the library or book store and stock up on a bunch of new textual knowledge.  And hey, why don't you go all out and organize a parade to truly show some geek pride! Get a ton of geeks together and make some awesome floats, get dressed up in costumes and get ready for a geeky parade. You can have people dressed up in sections to represent some of the geekiest, pop culture characters. You can have a really high tech float that wows the crowd as it drives by. Or you can toss bookmarks or thumb drives into the crowds instead of candy.  Whatever you decide to do today I hope it's geeky and I hope you enjoy it!

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