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November 22nd is Go For a Ride Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then go grab your keys because it's Go For a Ride Day!  Ah yes, another day of relaxation!  But let's get right into celebrating Go For a Ride Day!


Well, guess what? Winter is on the way! And usually people get all cramped up inside during the winter and get the winter blues, also known as seasonal affective disorder or winter depression. So, you need to get outside before it's too crappy to really do anything, let alone go for a long drive. So grab your keys, plot out your path, or just wing it, but enjoy your long drive... and forget about the winter season that is ahead of you!  But what can you really get out of going for a ride, right? Well, do you have kids? Then I bet you know one of the easiest ways to get them to take a nap, now don't you? So if it's late, then that's one amazing thing a long ride will get you. It will also help satisfy your craving for exploration, if you go earlier in the day. There may be something nearby that you always wanted to check out, or just some random road that you don't know where it goes. Explore it!

But what if you just got in a fight? A great way to blow off steam is to get in your car, crank up your music and just drive. Your mind will be more fixated on the fact that you're driving, the music you're playing and all the things you pass on your ride. It's sensory overload, and there's no room for crappy thoughts about a fight. But if you still need a reason to go for a ride, then maybe you just need to get somewhere...  Bet you didn't think of that one, did you?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, it's as simple as getting into your car and just driving. Go to Google Maps, pick a spot near you that looks interesting, print out some directions and just go. You might have some hidden treasure near you that you never even knew about. So get some friends together, or go alone, but just get out into your car and explore.  But there is plenty you can do when you're on the road. I know there are bingo boards that are made for road trips, you can play a little "punch bug", you can try to see how many license plates you can spot from different states, you can stop at random roadside attractions and bask in the oddities or whatever else you can think of. I mean, doesn't it sound appealing to go on a nice long drive, stop at a fruit stand and then munch on fresh fruit as you continue down the road? Crap... you probably can't do that, unless you're down south right now.  But hey... go ahead and look at the name of this holiday. It doesn't say anything about a car, now does it? Think of all the things you can "ride" today... ah, now you're interested, aren't you? You can ride a bike, ride a horse, ride a motorcycle, ride a wave, ride a skateboard, ride a unicycle or ride a snowboard. You've got a lot of options for today and I didn't even name them all... think of all the things you can "drive" or "fly" today; that counts too!  Have a great day and enjoy the ride!

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