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August 5th is Green Peppers Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then open wide because it's Green Peppers Day!  Don't worry; they aren't all spicy!  Let's get right into celebrating Green Peppers Day!


Peppers are eaten all the time; there's no denying that, right? And sure, they come in many different colors. But the wide variety of green peppers out there is immense and so is the number of people that enjoy munching on them. They add a little flavor to your meals and they can even add some crunch but they always seem to please the pepper eaters. And when pepper eaters unite, out pops a holiday and today is the day to pay tribute (and eat) this wonderful peppers. You were going to anyway, weren't you?  The first green pepper that pops into my mind is a bell pepper AKA a sweet pepper. It's not too spicy at all, in fact it's a bit watery. And China produces these peppers like crazy. But what's another commonly green pepper you can think of? A jalapeno, perhaps? Yes, they do turn red when they are ripened but they are usually served green and they still have quite a bit of spice to them! They may not be the hottest peppers out there (in fact, they are considered to be of a "medium" heat) but they will definitely raise your body temperature when you eat one!  And, as I'm looking for other green peppers, I'm starting to realize why this might be a holiday. You see, most peppers may start out green but are usually served up when they're ripe, and another color. So perhaps today is to celebrate the few peppers that are actually supposed to be enjoyed when they are green. You can eat peppers of all different magical colors on other days, but today you should focus on the green ones.   Ripe or not... bite them!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, get your butt over to the grocery store or the farmer's market of course! Grab up as many green peppers as you can and start munching them down. Bell peppers are great sliced up and dipped into ranch dip and if you're bold you can bite right into a jalapeno. In fact, why don't you see who can eat one the fastest. Or who can eat one without making a face... I'd like to meet that person! You'd have to have quite a tolerance for that.  But you can also start looking up different recipes that call for green peppers. You could make something like stuffed peppers, which is always a good choice. You can toss some in your salad or in a sauce too. There are a TON of different recipes that call for green peppers. I mean how many recipes have you seen with green chilies in them? Mhmm, I thought so!  But today doesn't have to be all about eating green peppers. In fact, why don't you start growing some? It might not be the best idea to start them outside, unless the plants are already pretty far along, so get yourself some nice indoor pots. You can start them from seeds or from seedlings but just make sure to read up on how to care for them, give them lots of light and give them water when they need it. Some peppers need very little water because they're use to growing in the desert.  Enjoy your day and pep things up a bit!

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