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May 8th is Have a Coke Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then crack open a can of soda because it's Have a Coke Day!  Just make sure it's Coca-Cola ;).  Let's get right into celebrating Have a Coke Day!


This particular day was chosen as a holiday because on this day in 1886 a pharmacist from Georgia, named Dr. Pemberton first started selling Coca-Cola at his pharmacy. He had actually created the recipe as a coca wine called Pemberton's French Wine Coca but they started passing prohibition laws in that area.  So he made a non-alcoholic version, Coca-Cola, which he sold for five cents as a medicine because they believed that carbonated water was good for your health at that time. But Dr. Pemberton also though Coca-Cola would help people with addictions, headaches and even impotence. He might have assumed that was the case, or at least hoped it was, because it appears that he had an addiction of his own.

In fact, he ended up selling the rights to three different companies as he battled the addiction. Versions called Yum Yum and Koke never took off and eventually Asa Griggs Candler set up The Coca-Cola Company. Curious how the company legally got its roots? Well, too bad! Candler had the old records burned... shady, huh?  But you're welcome to sip on any of their many different Coca-Cola flavors today as you enjoy the carbonation tickling your tongue. And I'd say things picked up a bit for Coca-Cola, which started out only selling about 9 drinks a day. What do they sell today? Oh, about 1.7 billion Cokes a day!  Are you going to help add to that number today?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, celebrating is as easy as heading over to the closest soda machine and buying a coke. Then crack it open, toss it back and you're celebrating! It's really not that hard at all to celebrate today.  But, there are many different types of Coca-Cola you could drink today and I'm all about branching out and trying new things, aren't you? There is Coca-Cola Classic, Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, Coca-Cola with Lime and if you live in certain areas you can get M5, Citra, Light Sango and even Orange. So you're not really limited at all with your celebration.  So go crazy and try out a bunch of different flavors or even add them to different things like a Coca-Cola float. You could even make Coca-Cola popsicles or ice cubes for in your drink. And why not try flavoring some baked goods with a Coke, like say a cake? Now if only you could find those polar bears to enjoy some Coke with you, huh?  And hey, if you're feeling like causing a little mischief today then you can have a little fun with Pepsi drinkers.  Try your best to secretly swap their Pepsi for a Coke and see if they notice the difference.  I'm sure most of them will, but if not they will celebrate with you without even knowing!  And if they do find out and get upset then just tell them that it's Coke's birthday and you thought they should celebrate with you.  Have a great day and enjoy your sippage!

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