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June 20th is Ice Cream Soda Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready to cool down with some awesomeness because it's Ice Cream Soda Day!  Yes, it's not just for root beer floats! ;)  Let's get right into celebrating Ice Cream Soda Day!


Because it's awesome! It's foamy, creamy and refreshing all in one and there are so many different flavor combinations to choose from. People love this little creation, especially kids. So what better way to show you love than to set up a holiday, right?  This treat was invented by Robert M. Green in 1874 during the Franklin Institute's sesquicentennial celebration in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Some will say that it was a hot day and he ran out of ice for his sodas and used vanilla ice cream instead. But Green himself has said that he made it to lure customers away from a competitor that had a bigger and fancier soda fountain.

So he took vanilla ice cream, added it to soda water and then had 16 different flavored syrups they could add to it. And it worked; the drink was a success and he attracted many customers from there on out!  But most of you are probably thinking about a root beer float right now, huh? Well, you don't have to limit yourself to just that because there are tons of different sodas and ice creams you can use. Some other versions are the Boston cooler, which is Verners ginger ale and vanilla ice cream. There is Butterbeer that is root beer and butterscotch flavored ice cream. There's a drink called Snow White, which is 7up or Sprite with vanilla ice cream. And even one called Purple Cow, which is purple, grape soda and vanilla ice cream.  Which combination will you choose?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, why don't you head on out to a local restaurant that has ice cream on hand and see if they won't throw together a ice cream soda for you today? They might reply with, "we don't have root beer" but that's where the fun comes in. Choose any soda to go with any ice cream and enjoy having someone serve it up to you.

But if you want to make your own at home then get a bunch of ice creams and sodas and get to creating! Ask all the people in your house what their favorite ice cream is and what their favorite soda is and then get everyone's favorites. Then you can enjoy the treats all day and be sure to satisfy your household.  You can even mix and match your favorite with someone else's and see what you can come up with. I'm sure that even the worst combinations will taste pretty good. But if you find an awesome combination then you all can try to come up with a good name for your drink. Today is a great day where creativity meets deliciousness so enjoy it to the fullest.   Have a good one and... oh, you've got foam on your nose!

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