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January 31st is Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then be prepared to get artsy because it's Inspire Your Heart with Art Day!  You can look at art or create your own if you like.  Let's get right into celebrating Inspire Your Heart with Art Day!


Art has been a part of our lives since the beginning, which is proven through things like cave drawings. In the past, and sometimes still today, art was used to tell stories and actually has helped us figure out some of the history of ancient cultures.  We see art in our daily lives through advertising, videos and so on but we may only give it a slight glance as we pass it. So, since art truly plays such a big part in our life, today is set aside for you to stop and really reflect on the art you see.  Does it inspire you to do anything? Does it inspire any thoughts? How does the art make you feel? What do you think it's supposed to mean? The interpretations of art are limitless so it's great to set aside this day and really explore the world of art.
Some art might inspire you to create your own which is great! You can keep the cycle of artistic inspiration going when you show others your art. Put a lot of thought into your piece and try to add a lot of emotion and a bit of a story to your art. And then enjoy what people have to say about it when they see it.  It's usually not exactly what meant for the art to portray but that's the beauty of it! When you created it, it meant something specific to you... and feel free to tell others what it means to you. BUT when other people see it, it'll mean something different to them and your art grows into a limitless amount of possible ways of inspiring others.  To inspire or be inspired? ...that is the question!


How can you celebrate today?  Well, you could go to a local museum or an art gallery and look at some professional art.  Look at some of the classic artists from the past and marvel at the techniques they used.  Or go to a more modern art show and see how art has evolved into creative mediums and means of expression.
Or you could create your own art today. You could paint, draw, make a sculpture, or even do something artistic like origami.  If you're going to paint then you have almost limitless possibilities on what you can paint.  You could paint your bedroom wall, your car, your dresser or even someone's body!   Get some friends together or spend the day with your family creating your own art and then show everyone else when you're done.  Then you can see if anyone can guess what you were really trying to say or show through your art.  I'm sure their responses will get a few laughs out of you.  And hey, if someone gets it right then why not give them your art to take home with them?  This is a celebration of pure creativity, whether you create art yourself or build thoughts from the art you see, so have fun with today's celebration!

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