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August 9th is International Art Appreciation Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you're in an artsy mood because it's International Art Appreciation Day!  It's everywhere, so you have a lot to appreciate!  Let's get right into celebrating International Art Appreciation Day!


Well, art is all around us in many different forms and it plays a big part in our lives. It can influence our thoughts, how we dress, what we like and even how we plan on creating our own art. It can cause us to really dig deep into our minds as we try to grasp the whole idea of the art. And when something like that touches so many people in so many different ways then they are bound to want to celebrate it in just as many ways. Today is one of those days that was chosen as a celebration through your appreciation for art.  And it's really hard not to appreciate some form of art. I mean sure, there are drawings, paintings, sculptures and things along those lines. But music is art too and so is poetry. The way we design certain buildings is art and so is fashion design. There is even a bit of art in landscape design! Are you starting to see what I mean? It surrounds us in our lives so much that we don't even realize the amount of art we see on a daily basis. Look around your room right now and you'll see a lot of examples.  And all this day is really centered around is the fact that you ponder a little bit about the art and be thankful for it and the process the artist went through to create it. Because really, a lot of hours are put in for almost all the art you see and it is truly a lot of work. Hence the reason it's called artwork. For some, it's not just a hobby; it's what they do! And we reap the benefits of this beautiful art and sometimes don't fully appreciate it. At least not like art use to be appreciated many many years before my time.   So take a little time to absorb the art around you today; don't brush it off, even if it is a crayon drawing hanging on your fridge.


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, you could go to an art museum or art exhibit today, if you're lucky enough to have one close by. Spend the whole day there if you like, just absorbing the art and talking about what you think the artist was trying to show and what it means to you. You might even get to talk to the artist themself and can find out a lot of the processes they went through to create the art. Plus it helps to hear the meaning behind their work straight from them, but it is fun to guess isn't it?  Or you could get together with a group of friends and start walking around your city on the search for art that is often overlooked. Go to places that you normally walk by all the time but stop and look around. Do you see anything artistic? You might see a lot of things you never noticed before because you never truly stopped and looked. But when you do find some unnoticed artwork, then snap a picture of it so you never forget that it's there and that art is all around you.  And you're always welcome to create your own art today too! In fact, why don't you look at some art from some of your favorite artists and pay a tribute to each one of their styles? You can create something as a tribute to each artist or combine all their styles into one. Mold your appreciation into the art and in turn you'll have people that appreciate your art too. Yep, people will appreciate your appreciation!  Have a great day and enjoy this beautiful world!

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