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February 23rd is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready to spoil your dog because it's International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day!  And we all know how much dogs appreciate these biscuits!  Let's get right into celebrating International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day!


Today is a holiday because if you have a dog, then chances are that you love them and reward them with dog biscuits. Not all holidays are about humans and today is a day to show your dog how much you appreciate them. And in turn, your dog will show you how much they appreciate the dog biscuits... and you, for giving them to them!  "Dog bread" was mentioned thousands of years ago by the Romans, but usually they were referring to a bad bread made from bran, which was probably given to dogs. But sometimes the Spanish, back in the early 1600s, would refer to dog bread as something they actually used to kill dogs!

I'm glad that things changed and if you fast forward to the early 1800s in England you'll find that someone is finally manufacturing proper dog biscuits. They were made from grains and vegetables to give dogs something tasty to gnaw on. And in the late 1800s they started adding meat to these biscuits. I'm sure the dogs loved that even more!  And now we use them today to let our dogs know that we love them and that they've behaved. We condition them to realize that they're only going to get a dog biscuit for a specific reason. Maybe they were good all day, did a trick or behaved while you did something they don't quite enjoy; like giving them a bath.  But today is different... it's a day of full appreciation! So fill your day with love for your canine and let them sample many treats today.


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you already have a bunch of dog biscuits then break open a bag and start showing your dog love!  You can still make them do tricks for their treats if you like but give your dog lots of attention today.  And if you don't own a dog, maybe you can buy a bag of biscuits for a friend's dog!  I'm sure your friend and their dog will appreciate that.
Or you could go to the store and pick out some new dog biscuits that you never bought before.  Maybe they have new flavors or a really healthy brand that catches your eye.  Buy a few different kinds and then have your dog show you which ones they like the best.  In fact, you could do a little test and see which biscuits your dog goes for time and time again.  Lay two biscuits near each other and see which one your dog eats first.  Do a best out of three and then lay the winner next to a different kind of biscuit.  After a while you'll start to notice which biscuit your dog really prefers.  And that will let you know which ones to buy next time you go to the store!  It doesn't matter how you decide to celebrate today, just make it an amazing day for your dog!

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