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April 8th is International Feng Shui Awareness Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then balance the energy in your home because it's International Feng Shui Awareness Day!  Clear all that clutter out of your life!  Let's get right into celebrating International Feng Shui Awareness Day!


Because in reality we all can use a little harmony in our lives. It doesn't matter whether or not you believe in everything about feng shui because the ideas actually do help make your home look nicer. And if you're staring at a big mess it's not exactly relaxing is it? So why not at least look into feng shui today and see if you can't improve your environment?  Feng shui literally means wind-water and it's a Chinese philosophy about how we can use our surroundings to balance our qi, which is the flow of energy. This practice may have been started way back in 5000 BC by the Yangshao culture when they used astronomy to find connections between humans and the universe. Why would they do that?

Well their goal was to find places to align their homes or certain rooms with spots that have a good flow of energy. So they used our sun and other stars to figure out where north was so that knew where to place certain things. But with the invention of compasses, things got even easier.  These days, when dealing with feng shui, you'll here a lot about cleaning up clutter, having adequate light, and using certain colors. Other suggestions are to have certain types of plants and perhaps even a fountain. I wonder if anyone makes a fountain with a fan on it, or is that too literal? I don't think those little fans attached to spray bottles would be a good representation of wind-water!  Are you ready to balance your qi?


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, you could pick up a book or magazine and read up on different feng shui methods.  Or you could even watch some online videos to see some of the practices in action.  And as you're learning about feng shui you can jot down the ideas that appeal to you; things you'd like to try.  Then you can start rearranging your house or just one room and see how well the feng shui teachings actually help balance the energy in your life.

You could even have a little contest with your family or roommates to see who can implement the methods of feng shui the best.  You can all sit down together and watch the same videos and start building ideas in your heads as to what you want to do.  Then head out to the store to pick up supplies and each of you will try to change a room, probably your bedroom, so that the qi is more balanced and flowing correctly.   When you're all finished you can go in each room and just have a seat as you look around and kind of judge how the room makes you feel.  Is it a comforting atmosphere or not?  Once you decide who did the best job then you all can work together with the "winner" to bring the whole house up to the perfect feng shui level.  Because after all why would you want to win and then live in an out of balance house?  Enjoy your day and your surroundings.

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