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September 8th is International Literacy Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then maybe you should lend a helping hand because it's International Literacy Day!  Not all of us are fortunate enough to know how to read and write!  So, let's get right into celebrating International Literacy Day!


This day was set up in 1965 by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to help bring awareness to the world about the importance of literacy, who is literate, who isn't and what we can all do to help. A good percentage of adults are still illiterate to this day, many of them are women, and a lot of the time the reason for this is that children aren't in school or they drop out.  But in some parts of the world proper education just isn't available to children, so they go without learning how to read and write. In fact, some of the countries with the worst adult literacy rates are Mali (19%), Niger (14.4%) and Burkina Faso (12.8%), which is horrible. And in South and West Asia just barely over half of the adults are literate, so this is obviously a widespread problem.

Being able to read and write is a very valuable skill which all should have and today is set aside to keep us aware that some people need help in this department and our society as a whole needs to be reformed. I mean think about it, if you weren't literate all you would be able to draw from this article is a couple pictures and I'm not that pretty to look at it. You wouldn't even be able to leave a comment either.  So help someone learn to read and write today!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you have children then you can make sure that you have this issue covered at home first. Read to your kids, teach them what words mean, have them write for you and so on. Having one on one time with your parent can really help you get ready for school in a way that a teacher wouldn't be able to provide. There are often too many students in a class and your children are way closer to you, so they will be comfortable with you. There isn't a class full of kids to laugh at them when they mess up and you really care about helping them progress.  And when it comes time for them to go to school, make sure that they stick with it. If they hate going to school or they slack off in class then there has to be something wrong. So talk to them about it and help them glide through school at ease. It should be a fun learning experience but sometimes it's a bumpy road.  You can also help out in your community or others by volunteering to help tutor adults who never had the opportunities to learn like your children do. You can look up literacy directories online to find out what kind of literacy programs are held near you and go from there. A little help goes a long way and if you put in a little effort you might help improve lives in ways you never thought possible.  Have a great day and thanks for flexing your literary muscles!

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