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June 18th is International Panic Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then let loose because it's International Panic Day!  Don't bottle it all up inside; let it out!  Let's get right into celebrating International Panic Day!


Today is a holiday because everyone always tells you not to panic and just bottle it up inside you. They try to tell you everything will be alright and proceed to tell you how to think and go about things. Well today you can say F them and just let loose. If you feel the need to panic then get it out of you and then work on fixing the problem. You might actually feel better after you panic a little.  When we panic we're usually afraid of something happening or we're overly anxious and we let those feelings take over our thoughts and actions.

We might do something without thinking because we're panicking or we might just throw a little fit. But once the smoke clears we'll get right into solving the problem or feel calm because we ran away from it.  And the word panic actually came from the Greeks, as it pertains to their shepherd God named Pan. Pan was told to have enjoyed scaring sheep and goats... what a jerk! And if you've ever heard of the battle of Marathon then you might have heard that the Greeks believed that Pan helped them in their victory. Why? Because the soldiers on the opposite side ran away with such fear that Pan must have had some hand in it.  Are you ready to let Pan take control of your day?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, you just let loose! If you're afraid of something happening then let it be known. Run away from it, scream about it, TYPE IN ALL CAPS... just get it all out. But once you're done panicking then take a look back at the issue and solve it. Get over that initial panic, that burst of fear, and then just move on. Sure, you might get a few weird looks today... but just tell them it's a holiday. I'm sure they won't understand ;).

And if you don't want to be seen as a weirdo then tell everyone at work about the day and say they should all take part too. Tell your family and friends too... let them know it doesn't matter if they panic over anything today. It's a day without restraint; a day to really let people know what you're thinking and when you're afraid.  But you could really have some fun with today. Like if the littlest thing happens to you, you could just run off screaming. Then come back 5 minutes later like nothing happened. You'll definitely get some looks when you do that but it's all about having fun with your panic, even if it is a bit exaggerated. See how many times you can do it before someone says something to you ;).  Have a great day and... oh, crap did I leave the dome light on in my car!?

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