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April 13th is International Plant Appreciation Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then proclaim your love to some plants because it's International Plant Appreciation Day!  Trust me, you should appreciate them!  Let's get right into celebrating International Plant Appreciation Day!


Today is a holiday for a really good reason... we literally cannot live without plants! And if there is something that important in our lives then there's no reason why we shouldn't show our appreciation for it, at least one day out of a year.  If you don't feel then need to celebrate then hold your breath for 24 hours. No, really! One of the most obvious circles of life, cue the Lion King music, is the fact that plants create oxygen which we need and we create carbon dioxide which plants need. So we literally need each other to stay alive! That's right, carbon dioxide isn't some dirty pollutant; plants live off it and we live off of plants! So that's a pretty big reason to appreciate plants.

Some plants also taste pretty dang good and provide use with a lot of vitamins and minerals. In fact, some people strictly live off of just plants! So do you think you have a reason to celebrate yet?  What about all the products we make out of plants? Do you enjoy being able to write down notes and print out any random thing your heart desires on computer paper? Well, you need plants for that! Do you love the soft, warm feeling of a cotton shirt? Well, you need plants for that too!  Show your appreciation today in any way you can think of for the plants you might take for granted!


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, there are many different ways to show your appreciation for plants.  How about you have a nice, long conversation with a plant today?  Seriously, it'll enjoy the carbon dioxide that you exhale as you talk to it.  And I'm sure you'll enjoy the oxygen it gives off in return.  You could also look around your yard for plants that could use a little "pick me up".  Maybe clear some weeds out from under it, put some mulch around the base, water it, trim off the dead parts.  That will help the plant grow a lot more and in return it'll look a lot more awesome sitting in your yard.

If you have a garden and have been using harmful chemicals to fertilize your plants then today would be a good day to switch to organic fertilizers and plant food.  This will help your plants grow a lot more naturally.  And if you eat the food, then it'll help YOU grow naturally too; since you literally are what you eat ;).  And if you're not usually one to eat a lot of vegetables then change that just for today.  Have a few servings of vegetables throughout the day and appreciate the clean energy you're fueling up with.  Then call your mom and tell her that you finally ate all your vegetables!  Enjoy your day and enjoy your plants!

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