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July 31st is Jump For Jelly Beans Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you're excited because it's Jump For Jelly Beans Day!  I can see some of you leaving your feet already!  Let's get right into celebrating Jump For Jelly Beans Day!


Well, people love jelly beans, there is no denying that, but some people get really excited when they know they're going to get some. So excited that they might jump up and down and throw their hands in the air. They don't care who sees how much they love these sugary beans of jelly. So many people get that excited over these delicious treats that they had to set up some kind of holiday. And they decided on a holiday that is centered around the excitement: Jump For Jelly Beans Day!  If you've ever had a Turkish Delight, which is a Middle Eastern jelly candy covered in powdered sugar, then you've eaten what eventually spawned the idea of jelly beans. Turkish Delights have been around since the biblical days and it's chewy texture helped inspire the inside of a jelly bean. But it appears that jelly beans weren't that popular until 1861 when William Schrafft told people that they should send his jelly beans to the troops during the American Civil War. And then in 1905 they were advertised in the Chicago Daily News at 9 cents for a pound!   But what flavors would make you jump up and down for a jelly bean? I'm going to head on over to Jelly Belly's site and tell you what flavors get me a little excited. Right off the bat, coconut and crushed pineapple stand out to me. Can you imagine eating both at the same time? Pina colada jelly bean magic! Ah, nevermind... they have a pina colada jelly bean! Juicy pear is amazing, kiwi sounds tempting and so does orange sherbet... mmm! I could go for a green apple and a strawberry cheesecake jelly bean too...  There are too many flavors to choose from!

So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, why don't you have a little fun and see how many people really do get so excited about jelly beans that their feet leave the ground? Tell someone that you'll give them a treat if they do something for you or if they behave (this may only work with kids) and when they do as you said then tell them what the surprise is. Tell them you have a bunch of jelly beans for them!! Wait for it... did they jump? If they didn't then you can be nice and just give them a generic bag of jelly beans. But if they did jump up and down then take them to the store and let them pick out their favorite flavors.  Or you could even see how bad people want some jelly beans. Break out your jelly beans and then start eating them in front of someone. Then just casually ask them if they want some. If they say yes then say, "OK, jump." I'm sure they'll be like, "What?!" and you can explain to them that if they want jelly beans that they have to jump for them. Tell them it's the rules for today's jelly bean consumption and then count how many times they jump. Each jump gets them a jelly bean ;).  Plus you could even get a little competition and see who can jump the highest, farthest or who can keep jumping the longest without stopping. Have as many people as you want competing for jelly beans and make it something that will really make them work hard. Possibly a few pounds of assorted jelly beans or a Jelly Belly gift certificate. And you could be a jerk and throw jelly beans at the losers... haha, OK that's a little rough. But maybe you can make the losers jump up in the air and try to catch the jelly beans in their mouth.  Have a great day and don't forget to jump!

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