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June 11th is Kamehameha Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then break out your grass skirt because it's Kamehameha Day!  You're so getting leid today!  Let's get right into celebrating Kamehameha Day!


Today is a holiday to honor Kamehameha I, the man who first unified the Kingdom of Hawaii. He brought all the islands together so he deserves a good celebration! Sure, it might have taken a few battles before they were unified but he got it done! He set up a universal law for the islands, used the taxes to promote trade with The United States and Europe and only allowed the Hawaiian people to own Hawaiian land.  This holiday was first established by his great grandson in 1871 and it was observed for the first time the following year. They celebrated with things like carnivals and a bunch of races, whether by foot, horse or velocipede.

Which might sound like an insect but it's pretty much any human-powered land vehicle, like a bicycle.  Today there are hula competitions, floral parades and draping ceremonies. People come from all over the world for these two-day hula competitions, so they must be a pretty big deal. And there are many floral parades held on different islands. But the draping ceremonies are when they put leis, flower wreaths, on statues of Kamehameha I. A nice colorful addition to a figure of a man that's never forgotten.  Which celebration appeals to you most?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you don't live in Hawaii then you can't... JUST KIDDING! In fact, I think we should make this a worldwide celebration, since it's only really celebrated in Hawaii. Do you love Hawaii? How it looks? What you can do there? So why wouldn't you want to celebrate a man who helped bring about a way of life that you admire? That's what I thought!

So you could easily set up your own hula competition, carnival, fair or even just a luau in your backyard to celebrate this man. You could even organize some races like they use to hold or try to set up a floral parade in your town. I'm sure that'd bring some extra flavor to where you live! And if it caught the medias attention, think of how proud the Hawaiian people would be to see that people respect their traditions and care enough to celebrate with them all over the world.  Or you could just have a little fun yourself by stocking up on as many leis as you can. Then you can go around your town and smile as someone walks by and then pop a lei around their neck. They might not know what's up but you can just tell them that if they love Hawaii then they should wear it all day to represent the great islands. You could also slip a lei over the neck of all the statues in your town. And if you do that then feel free to leave links to pictures of the statues with leis on them in the comments below!  I hope you have a great day; shaka!

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