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August 29th is Lemon Juice Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you like things with a sour zing because it's Lemon Juice Day!  That's one way to get you to pucker up! ;)  Let's get right into Lemon Juice Day!


Well even if you don't enjoy sour things, there is plenty that you probably do enjoy which wouldn't be available to you if it weren't for lemon juice. I mean, do you hate lemonade? No? Alright, well then lemon juice is pretty important. What about cream cheese, do you like that? Well, they actually use lemon juice to make that too! So you can see that it's a pretty important juice and that we use it in a variety of ways so of course people are going to want to celebrate lemon juice!  We all know that citrus fruits like lemons are packed with vitamin C and lemons also have a good amount of other vitamins and minerals in them too. But lemon juice has also been used for things like clearing up acne and writing secret messages that are revealed by fire. And sure, lemon juice is always best straight from the source: fresh squeezed! But if you can't get any fresh lemons then that bottled, concentrated stuff always works if you don't mind some preservatives.

But do you think you could do without lemon juice? I mean, what about those times when you get shrimp and you want to squeeze a lemon over them? Or what about when you want some lemon in your tea? And what about lemon meringue pie, can you do without that? Well, I know one person who could... But lemon juice is used all over for many different things and it's actually pretty good for us.   So aren't you just a little bit happy that we have lemon juice available?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, it's actually pretty easy if you want to go out to eat today. Just aim to get something that you know uses lemon juice. You can get some fresh squeezed lemonade, some shrimp (because you know that'll give you a lemon slice), or even some kind of lemon dessert. And right there you have one of the easiest ways to celebrate because you don't have to do anything but get to a restaurant!

But maybe you feel like whipping something up yourself. If that's the case, then start searching online for some easy recipe that uses lemon juice. If you look on sites like Allrecipes.com then you can search by ingredients and then organize them by their rating to make sure you get the best recipes. I just did that myself and it looks like your top-rated options are lemonade and honey mustard... NOT together; they're two separate recipes! ;)  But if you're inner frat boy is aching to get out today then why don't you line up a couple shots of lemon juice with your buddies to start out your night? Yeah, that's how the real men do it! Toss back that sour liquid and enjoy the faces of your friends. Sure, you can mix other things with it but get that vitamin C in you!  Have a great day and enjoy your juice!

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