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June 25th is LEON Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready for a celebration on the flip side of things because it's LEON Day!  This is a special day that lets you know you're halfway to another special day.  Let's get right into celebrating LEON Day!


Well, it's not a day to celebrate Leon Day, the pitcher from the Black Socks, but that's a good guess. No, take a look at the name... now flip the letters. It's NOEL backwards! Why? Because it's 6 months until Christmas... and obviously someone's got it on their mind all year. But there are so many Christmas fanatics that look forward to the traditional holiday to come around every year that they wanted to mark the day on the opposite side of the calendar as LEON Day... and so it is!  And if you've got your mind on Christmas this far away then there's probably one reason for that... the presents! Either you're a big gift giver or you have something you've been wanting for quite some time. And I know a lot of gift givers that buy Christmas gifts all year, stock up and then let the gifts loose once Christmas actually rolls around.

So, I guess it's not all that bad to plan ahead a little. You'll miss out on a lot of sales but you'll also get to skip all the crowded stores. But I wonder if anyone is actually thinking about the meal they will prepare from this far out? Are they buying a turkey and trying to come up with some crazy good recipe to try out? Are they making plans with family this far in advance so they know how many plates to set out? So many questions...  But none of that matters, because how you celebrate is up to you!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, you're always welcome to start shopping for people. It'd be kind of odd to ask people what they want this far out so you'll probably be looking for the "thoughtful" gifts that you think they'd appreciate. But since it's summer, why don't you stick to things that really have nothing to do with Christmas or winter. It might be funny to get a bikini or sunglasses in the winter but if it's thoughtful and something they need then they'll get to use it eventually!

But since LEON is NOEL spelled backwards, why don't you celebrate the opposite of Christmas? You could walk around with a green and black hat on saying Oh, Oh, Oh... You could put a bunch of Christmas lights up inside your house... You could tell your kids the truth about Santa Claus... gasp! There are so many different ways to celebrate the opposite of Christmas and I'm sure you'll shock people a bit when you do it.  Like you could invite yourself over to someone's house and ask them to cook for you, instead of inviting them over for a big feast. Heck, you could even get a pet turkey today and vow not to eat any of his cousins in 6 months. Or you could just teach yourself to sing "The First Noel" backwards today. If you manage to do it then record yourself and play it backwards on Christmas ;).  Day great a have!

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