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November 2nd is Look for Circles Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then keep your eyes open because it's Look for Circles Day!  Can you find them all?  Let's get right into celebrating Look for Circles Day!


Alright, so this is one of those holidays where it's like, "What? What are we doing?" but bear with me. You see, we do so many things without thinking twice about them and we pack our days full of nonsense. We're zipping from here and there and we don't take any time to stop and smell the roses, let alone look for circles. Yes, it does not make much sense but circles are all around us (no pun intended) and they are quite perfect in shape. So this is more of a day to make free time for yourself and have fun searching for random circles.  The lovely word for this shape comes from the Greek word kirkos and circles have been recognized since way before we even started jotting down our history. I mean, if you look at the sky, you have a sun and a moon that are pretty noticeable circles. And when we got a little smarter the wheel was invented, and that's a pretty handy circle. And when look into someone's eyes... what are you looking at? A couple circles, right?

And it can be a little difficult when you try to measure a circle, but that problem was almost perfectly solved way back in 1700 BC when the method to find the area of a circular field was jotted down on the Rhind papyrus. They were pretty close to finding the correct value of pi even way back then, but let's not get too deep into math today. This is a day for having some fun!  So let's go find some circles!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, stop running around in circles like a chicken with their head cut off for starters. Just take a little break today and bring some friends and family with you on your journey to find circles. If you have little kids, then they will probably love joining in on the fun! And really, you don't even have to leave your house... start looking for circles in the room you're in right now. Or you can even type circle into Google's image search and try to locate some of the coolest pictures of circles you've ever seen.  But you can also leave your house and set up a fun game with whoever is searching with you. Each of you can have your own camera and then you go around town taking pictures of all the circles you see. Then, when you regroup, you can compare your pictures to see who found the coolest looking circle. What does the winner get? Go to a store and have them pick out something in the shape of a circle and that is their prize!

But you can play another interesting game to see if anyone can actually draw a perfect circle without the help of a compass. So take turns drawing a couple different circles and THEN check their work with a compass to see how far off you are. Some of you might get pretty close but there's a tiny lesson hidden in this exercise. No one is perfect. And also... no one is a circle!  Have a great day and enjoy the hunt!

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