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May 9th is Lost Sock Memorial Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then remember the socks that are no longer with us because it's Lost Sock Memorial Day!  You may never seen them again but you'll always have mismatched pairs to fall back on.  Let's get right into celebrating Lost Sock Memorial Day!


Today is a holiday because we've all lost socks at one point or another and spent a lot of time looking for the missing sock, so that we can have a matching pair. We'll sit and wonder where it could have gone or we end up giving up and then hiding the fact that our socks don't match. But today is a day to remember those lost socks and then move on. They served you well at least once and perhaps they'll return to you but for now let your thoughts drift to other things.  Like the fact that the socks you do have are so far advanced that it really shouldn't matter if they don't match. Could you imagine living in Ancient Greece when they used matted animal hair to keep their feet warm?

And you thought you've seen hairy feet! Or how about living as a Roman where you'd have to wrap your feet in fabric or leather? Or what about living back in 1000 AD whenever not everyone had socks and you were considered wealthy if you actually did? Shoes must have smelled horrible then!  So you can see why we should move on today. We might not have matching pairs of socks and we may never know where that other sock went... but we still have socks! So slip on a pair, matching or not, and say goodbye to the lost sock worries.


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, you can start by sitting down and remembering the last time you lost a sock. How did it make you feel? Was it one of your favorite socks? Do you still have the other sock? Think about all the times you've lost socks, where you thought they went and then call back the search party. It's time to move on and you have a few choices.  You could simply get rid of the mismatched socks if you want. If you have a bunch of socks that don't match others at all then you can toss them in the trash, donate them to some place that loves single socks or use them as something else. Slip your hand inside it and use it to dust your house if you want, sew them together into a lost sock quilt or store your marbles inside them so that you don't lose them too.

Or you could just rock out with mismatched socks for a while. If you're wearing pants, who's going to be able to tell anyway? And if people do notice then just tell them that matching socks are so last year. Who knows, you might start a new trend that could revolutionize the art of sock wearing forever.   And the last option is to just go out and buy some new socks today. You can buy the exact kind of socks as the ones you lost or you can get some completely different socks. In fact, if I were you, I'd be looking for some of the most creative looking socks out there. It'll be easy to move on from your lost socks if you have a new pair of socks that are ten times as amazing as your old ones.  So enjoy your day and hey, nice socks!

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