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October 10th is National Angel Food Cake Decorating Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready for some creative sweetness because it's National Angel Food Cake Decorating Day!  You can have your cake and decorate it too!  Let's get right into celebrating National Angel Food Cake Decorating Day!


Well, it's actually two holidays that I felt needed to be combined into one. Today is both National Angel Food Cake Day and National Cake Decorating Day. And a lot of people actually do enjoy angel food cake but for others it's pretty dull, so why not add something to it, right? If you already have a bunch of people that like angel food cake then, by throwing some sweetness on top of it, you can probably get even more people to like it. And some people love a nicely decorated cake, while others just love decorating them so this combination of holidays really strikes a chord with many people today.  Now to make an angel food cake you're going to probably want a tube pan on hand, which is one of those pans with a tube down the center. Then you'll whip up some egg whites until they're stiff and then you toss in other ingredients like flour and cream of tartar. What you'll end up with is a sponge cake which is light in color and is said to be the food of angels.

But then you have to add some kind of flavor to it as you start decorating, and you really have a lot of options here. You could drizzle some kind of glaze over top of it or even chocolate sauce if you want. You can frost it like a normal cake or just slap some whipped cream all over it. Then you're welcome to sprinkle it with any tasty treat you want or you can even add some fruit.  I think the angels would be proud of you today!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, you have a couple options when it comes to the angel food cake... you can either make one yourself or you can just go to a local bakery and pick one up. It's all up to you and you should base your decision on if you care how fresh it is and if you care about the ingredients in it. Homemade may be the better option in both cases, but it will take some time and you might mess it up.  But once you have decided on how the food of angels is going to make its way into your house, you're going to need to get some cake decorating supplies! So what are you going to pop on top? Do you want a fruity glaze with actual chunks of fruit in it? Do you want to step it up and drizzle some white and milk chocolate on it? Do you want to add even more of an angelic look and spray some whipped cream on it? You could even sprinkle it with crushed up chunks of your favorite candy bar too.  But do you see that hole in the center? Wouldn't it be pretty awesome if you filled that up with something so that at the end of every slice there was a little bonus at the end? What if you filled it up with some ready to eat cheesecake filling? Or what about mixing up some fruit and jello, filling up that hole and then letting it set up in your fridge? Or just pump that hole full of whipped topping and call it a day!  Have a great day and enjoy dining like an angel!

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