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June 6th is National Applesauce Cake Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then wake your taste buds up because it's National Applesauce Cake Day!  Trust me; it's way better than it sounds!  Let's get right into celebrating National Applesauce Cake Day!


Well, it's a food holiday so you can almost bet that it's a holiday just because people love it, right? Which might have you shaking your head because you've never eaten it yourself. But hey, once you eat it I'm sure the direction your head is moving will change pretty quickly! You'll be nodding yes, more cake please! It's that good!  And it appears this cake got its start back around the time of World War I because it was seen as a patriotic cake. Why? Because it used less butter, sugar and eggs, which also would make it a little healthier.

Cookbooks at those times actually told you it was a-OK to use chicken or beef fat instead of butter... no wonder they wanted to add in the applesauce! The applesauce would not only make for a more moist cake but it'd also add flavor, so that you weren't tasting all that beef fat.  But the awesome part about it all is that it wasn't just a cake to cut down on the over consumption of eggs, butter and sugar, it was also a pretty dang tasty creation! I mean people are still eating it today, right? The scent of it alone will draw people into your kitchen as they wait for a piece. It's moist, fluffy and apple-tastical! This is one recipe I'll be holding on to, that's for sure.  Ready to try it out yourself?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, you could have a little fun and hunt from store to store and from bakery to bakery and try to find a freshly baked applesauce cake. You may or may not be able to locate one but if you do it will be avictorioustreat! And it gives you a chance to let someone else bake for you while you celebrate the wonders of this cake.

But if you want to bake it yourself then look online or scan your cookbooks for an applesauce cake recipe and then head to your grocery store to get all the items you need. Now, you can stick to the recipe and make it exactly how they say or you can add in your own modifications if you like. If you stick with their recipe then you can be sure that it'll come out well and taste pretty dang good.  But if you want to try it your own way then you may end up with an even tastier cake or a disaster. It's really up to you, but if you don't make too crazy of substitutions then it'll still work! And one of the easiest substitutions to make is the flavor of your applesauce. There are so many different flavors like cinnamon, apricot and pear so don't be afraid to try them out. It'll still be a moist cake but it'll have a unique flavor that I'm sure you'll enjoy.  Have a great day and stay saucy!

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