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January 9th is National Apricot Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then make it a healthy one because today's National Apricot Day!  If you've been slacking on your fruit intake then today's a great day to fix that.  Let's get right into celebrating National Apricot Day!


As with most food holidays there is no real reason for this particular day to be chosen but we can all probably use a little more fruit in our lives!  Apricots may not be in season where you are but you can always opt for dried apricots or a variety of other apricot flavored items.  Apricots, which are originally from China, are closely related to plums but have more of a rich flavor the whole way through. But don't bite too far into them though, because there's a big seed "shell" waiting for you in the center.

That big shell doesn't keep some people from actually eating the seeds. I guess they're so sweet tasting in central Asia and the Mediterranean that they use the apricot seeds instead of almonds sometimes. In fact, amaretto and amaretti biscotti are flavored with the extract of apricot seeds. Heck, the seeds have even been used to treat cancer!  This is quite the healthy fruit. It's packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and it definitely has a good dose of fiber in it. So you get to protect your eyesight and keep your digestion on the right track!  Even without knowing why this became a holiday there are plenty of reasons to eat some apricots today.


So how are you going to celebrate?  Well, if you're lucky enough for apricots to be in season in your area then you should go pick up a few ripe apricots and munch them down today.  If you haven't had one before, let me know which you prefer more an apricot, a plum or a peach.  I'm not going to lie, I prefer peaches myself but I like apricots more than plums!  If they're not in season in your area then I'm sure you can find dried or canned apricots to consume today. And as always, don't be afraid to get creative with this fruity treat!  Try mixing apricots into a variety of different dishes today and see what you can come up with. You could try making some apricot pie or apricot cookies. Maybe you could mix it into a milk shake or cut it into pieces as an ice cream topping.
Or you could blend it up really well, add some water and bring it to a boil to make your own apricot syrup. Use it on top of pancakes, ice cream or anything else you can think of!  And there are already ready-made apricot preserves if you'd like to slap some of it on some toast today.  And for this holiday it might actually be a good day to break out that juicer of yours! This idea wouldn't work with dried apricots but if you can find fresh or canned apricots then try making your own apricot juice and see how it turns out.  Whatever you decide to do, I hope today is a fruitful day for you!

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