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August 27th is National Banana Lovers Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you like fruit because it's National Banana Lovers Day!  OK, so you're limited on your fruit choices but I'm sure some of you are happy with that!  Let's get right into celebrating National Banana Lovers Day!


Well, I think the name of the holiday really says it all. There are people who literally love bananas and eat them every single day. And not only that but they get banana flavored items that may or may not even include bananas; that mellow flavor brings some magic into their lives. So this is not just a holiday for bananas, it's for the people who love bananas... which means it's time for a banana overdose!  Did you know that some bananas are purple or red when they're ripe? I didn't! These magical fruits grow on a plant that is so tall and strong that it's often mistakenly referred to as a tree. And as they grow, the cluster of bananas on each plant can weigh anywhere from 66 pounds to 110 pounds! That's a lot of bananas and the funny thing is they grow pointing up, not down.

Bananas are about 75% water and they have a high amount of potassium which gives them an interesting dose of danger. Yeah... bananas are slightly radioactive! But don't worry about that; it won't hurt you... I promise. ;) But you know those black specks in your bananas? Well those would be seeds but we've cultivated them so much that what we produce now isn't quite what you'd find in the wild if you let them grow on their own.   But hey, enough random facts... I bet you're ready for a banana, aren't you?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you're a banana lover then your celebration is pretty much covered. Walk on over to where you have your bananas, unpeel one of those babies and let the party begin! Eat it plain or slice it up and put it in your cereal. Mash it up in some oatmeal or toss it in a milkshake. Make some banana nut bread or anything else you want to add some banana magic to! How's a banana split sound?

But if you like to explore new things then head to the grocery store and grab up some new banana treats that you've never had before. There are banana granola bars, banana chips, banana candy and SO much more! You can even get others in on the fun with some banana baby food or banana dog treats. You'll be coming home with a whole lot of banana goods, that's for sure!  But if you really love bananas and want to spread some banana cheer then why don't you and your friends go shopping and try to find some banana suits. Yep, bananas hang out in bunches so it wouldn't be right if you were a sole banana walking around town. Once you find your suits, then pop them on and go buy a couple bunches of bananas each and then walk around town handing them out. Once you're out of bananas you can cause a ruckus like the rebellious banana gang you are!  Have a great day and don't go too bananas!

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