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March 22nd is National Bavarian Crepes Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready for a sweet day of deliciousness because it's National Bavarian Crepes Day!  They're easy to make and even easier to eat ;).  Let's get right into celebrating National Bavarian Crepes Day!


Why would anyone want to celebrate these things? Well, because people love eating crepes and people love Bavarian cream. So when you add these two things together... people are going to love them! They'll love them so much that they'll create a holiday to celebrate them. And that day is today.  A crepe is pretty much a very thin pancake that originated in Brittany, France. You'll want to whip up a batter, usually consisting of things like flour, eggs, milk, butter and a little bit of salt, and then pour a small amount on a hot pan that you've dabbed with butter.  Be sure to swirl the batter around as you pour it so that it thinly covers the bottom of your pan. That's one big difference you'll notice when making crepes compared to pancakes; you want to spread it out nice and thin, quickly.

Then you just cook it a couple of minutes until the edges curl up and you can slide it off your pan. Flip it over so that the shiny side, the side that was touching the pan, is facing up and then you need to add a line of Bavarian cream. To make the cream you'll need things like gelatin, egg yolks, water, sugar, milk, vanilla and so on. It's a nice thick cream.  And then you are free to decide what else you want inside your crepe or on top. You could add in a fruit jam and then top it with anything like powdered sugar, maple syrup, whipped cream or even Nutella.  And now you're ready to fork it into your mouth!


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, why not go on a hunt to see what local restaurants serve crepes?  It might not be that difficult for you to find one if you have a lot of French-style restaurants near you.  Once you find one, check out the menu to be sure that they're willing to serve you Bavarian crepes and you're set to celebrate at ease!  Some people have problems with making the crepes but with this option all you have to do is wait a little bit until the plate full of goodness is set down in front of you.  Or if you'd rather whip up a big batch yourself then you can go shopping for all the ingredients you'll need and make some at home.  It's not that hard to do as long as you let your batter sit for about a half hour (so that the gluten relaxes), dab butter on your pan before you pour batter on it, move your pan around to thinly spread the batter and then cook it until the edges curl.  I honestly thought it'd be difficult when I read that most people throw out their first one, but I didn't have to throw out a single crepe!  I think it's easier than making pancakes because you don't have to flip them.  And then you can go crazy with your fillings and toppings!  Get a wide variety of jams and jellies to go inside with your Bavarian creme and a bunch of different toppings.  Then you can slowly eat them and decide which flavor combination is the best.  I hope you enjoy your day and your slender pancakes!

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