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January 5th is National Bird Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then maybe you should step outside because it's National Bird Day!  Today's the day you want to reflect on the effects the pet industry and habitat destruction have on these little, winged creatures.  Let's get right into celebrating National Bird Day!


Who doesn't love the sounds of birds chirping? Unless of course you're not ready to wake up yet.  The songs, flights and colors of this winged creatures have captured out attention for a long time, but almost 12% of the world's bird species might face extinction in the next century. That's pretty crazy to think that 12% of the birds we see today might be gone in the near future!

Some birds may go extinct for natural reasons but a lot of them are threatened by the pet trade industry and habitat destruction.  So bird activists set up this holiday so we'd take time to reflect on these issues at least once a year. While some birds like cardinals and blue jays are safe from the pet trade, not all birds are protected.  Birds are meant to fly free, outdoors and today is the day you should go appreciate the songs of the wild, native birds near you.


So how can you celebrate this day?  If you have your own bird then maybe you should liven up their diet a little bit. Give them a little more than just seeds. Birds actually like grains, beans, fruits and vegetables too!  Maybe you could get your bird a bigger cage or give them extra time to fly around your house outside of the cage today. And I bet your bird wouldn't mind a nice new toy either ;).  You could also give them a perch by your computer or TV so they can hang out with you during the day and brighten up the room their cage is in by letting sunlight in.  And if you're really feeling brave, let them go free in a protected area.
If you don't have your own bird then go out in your backyard or a local park and observe some of the native birds in you area. Bring your camera, binoculars and some bird food with you to make it a really successful day. If there are ducks or geese in your area then why not feed them some bread?  You'd be surprised at the variety of birds that will swoop in for a beak full of seeds.  I bet they'll even sing you a song as thanks.  I've seen a variety of birds in my backyard that range from cardinals, blue jays, orioles to even woodpeckers!  When you get out and actually pay attention to the birds around you you start to appreciate them a little more.  You could even take today to educate yourself on the pet industry and the destruction of birds' habitats. Then you can see if there's anything you can do to help out our winged friends!  Have a great day and enjoy the chirping!

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