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January 22nd is National Blonde Brownies Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then suck the color out of your brownies because it's National Blonde Brownies Day!  Take a walk on the wild side and munch of some of these lighter brownies today.  Let's get right into celebrating National Blonde Brownies Day!


Since it's a food holiday, there's no real reason for this particular day to be chosen but don't you think we discriminate a little with our brownies? I mean, how often do you eat brownies in general? Now, how many of those brownies are blonde? Aha, I thought so!  So since blonde brownies, or blondies, don't make it to your mouth as often as "normal" brownies do they get their own holiday... and that holiday is today!

This light-colored treat was actually invented in Upper Sandusky, Ohio and there's a reason why they are so light. What's that reason? Well, normally you add cocoa to brownies to give them their dark brown color and familiar taste, but there is no cocoa in blonde brownies. But they do contain a good amount of alternate sweetness instead; brown sugar! So these brownies should still satisfy your sweet tooth.  These brownies also contain baking powder, butter, flour, eggs, vanilla and whatever else you'd like to add. You see, most people like to add white chocolate or chocolate chips to their blonde brownies as well as things like nuts, toffee and coconut. You can get really creative with your blondies ;). The rest of the baking process is identical to regular brownies and they're sure to make you go, "MMM!".


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, you can easily head to the store and see if they don't have a blondie mix waiting for you. It makes things a lot easier when you only have to add in a couple ingredients, mix, spread, bake and then eat! Plus, I'm sure it's a lot cheaper this way too.  Or you could find a recipe online and go to the store to get a bunch of different ingredients. But don't be afraid to sway away from using the exact ingredients when it comes to things like chocolate chips and nuts. You can swap those things out for things your taste buds will truly enjoy.
You don't have to use chocolate chips (there are many other types of chips available) and there are a variety of different nuts and candies you could put inside your brownies as a little hidden treasure.  Want to do something fun today? If you're going to a party or some kind of event, tell the people that you'll bring brownies. The bake your blonde brownies, bring them to the party and enjoy the look on their face when they see what you brought. Heck, call them albino brownies if you want! And I'm sure once they taste them their weird look will melt away as they realize how good they are. You may have just changed their brownie world forever.  I hope you have a blonde-tastic day!

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