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September 2nd is National Blueberry Popsicle Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then let me help you cool off because it's National Blueberry Popsicle Day!  Oh yes, we shall all have blue tongues!  Let's get right into celebrating National Blueberry Popsicle Day!


Well actually, most of the time you see a blue popsicle it's not blueberry; it's blue raspberry. And yeah it's a blue berry, but it's not a blueberry... ya get me? But when you do eat an actually blueberry popsicle it's pretty dang good! So I think today is a day to give props to the blue underdog in the popsicle kingdom and get people to realize what they're missing out on. Trust me; it's one delicious popsicle!  And as you go searching for a blueberry popsicle, don't be discouraged from all the blue raspberry ones you see! There will be at least one type of blueberry popsicle, even if it is combined with some other fruit. It's actually very common to see blueberries mixed with acai berries and today I even saw one mixed with pomegranate. So they are out there, they're just a little harder to find!

But if you can find a popsicle that contains actual blueberries, not just some blueberry flavoring, then you might be in for a nutritious treat! Blueberries have been found to have things in them which can keep cancer and inflammation at bay. Ah yes, your popsicle might even slow down your aging process! It's crazy what those blueberries are capable of but now you have a few more reasons to locate your blueberry popsicle.  The hunt is on!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, start out easy and just go looking for a box of blueberry-infused popsicles. You'll probably find them, you'll probably buy them, you'll probably eat them and you'll probably like them. But if all of the past statements are true then you definitely had one heck of a successful celebration!  But hey, there are a lot more options available if you want to make your own blueberry popsicles. First, let's start with the popsicle molds... You can use paper cups, ice cube trays or even molds that are made for this specific purpose. With the cups and trays all you'll want to do is put some plastic wrap over top of it and then you have something to hold your popsicle sticks or toothpicks in place. But with the molds, they usually have their own reusable sticks as part of the mold.

Then you get to go hunting for the fun part... the juice! There are so many different combinations of blueberry juices that you might end up wanting to make quite a few batches of popsicles. You can get straight up blueberry juice, blueberry juice mixed with other fruit juices and even blueberry fruit smoothies or protein drinks if you want. Then all you have to do is wait a little bit for them to freeze and you are golden... I mean, blue!  Have a great day and enjoy your blue tongue!

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