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October 23rd is National Boston Cream Pie Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then open wide because it's National Boston Cream Pie Day!  Hey... don't make too much of a mess!  Let's get right into celebrating National Boston Cream Pie Day!


Well, people love cream-filled things and cream pies... they're rich, creamy and full of sweetness! The cream adds a different texture and the lightness of the cream almost makes you feel like you're not eating as much. But a Boston cream pie also has the lovely addition of chocolate, which just reels in even more fans of this sweet treat! Ah yes, the popularity of yet another dessert is the cause for today's holiday. Now you have an excuse to indulge a little today.  Yes, this was anointed as the official dessert of Massachusetts in 1996, but it's not like Boston is pumping out every single Boston cream pie you see. And we can thank the French chef M. Sanzian but, just like cheesecake is actually pie, the Boston cream pie is actually a cake. And it's a round cake that you slice horizontally into two pieces and then fill it with a custard or cream, before putting it back together. The last step is then to slap some chocolate frosting on top.

So, from the bottom to the top, you have a layer of cake, a layer of cream, a layer of cake and then chocolate on top. It's a nice flavor combination and the textures work well together. And, since the cream filling is vanilla, you get to consume a combination of two of the most popular flavors in one: chocolate and vanilla! It started in Boston's Parker House Hotel and now it will make its way to your mouth.  Savor the goodness!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, you could easily head to a local bakery or even a doughnut shop. That's right; they have doughnut versions of the Boston cream pie! But you knew that, right? So get on out there and order yourself a nice Boston cream pie today, so that you can celebrate with minimal effort. But if you get a whole pie, then you better be bringing some of that home for everyone else!  But you can always make your own... I mean, there are some mixes out there that make the process very easy for you. Or you can make it from scratch if you like. Either way, you'll end up with a very fresh pie and you'll know every ingredient that went into it. Plus, whoever you live with is going to think you're pretty dang awesome for making such a sweet treat.  But you know, you can kind of stretch the definition of a Boston cream pie a little bit. Here, let me help get you started with your day. Do you feel like eating some pancakes? Alright well, lay one on a plate, spray some whipped cream on top, put another pancake on top of that and then drizzle it with some hot fudge. Who says that's not a Boston cream pie, right? But are you more into bagels? Alright, then lay down half of your bagel, slap some cream cheese on it, pop the other half on top and drizzle it with some chocolate syrup. Are you getting the idea?  Have a great day and enjoy the sweetness!

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