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December 8th is National Brownie Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you like chocolate because it's National Brownie Day!  I bet you can't eat just one!  But let's get right into celebrating National Brownie Day!


Because, ever since you were a kid, brownies have been popping up left and right. You use to want to taste the batter, you would try to cut into them before they were cooled down and you would help finish off the whole batch within a day or two. Chocolate lovers eventually all get what they want, and it appears that they have demanded a special day so that they could bake up a batch of brownies for no particular reason, other than the fact that they are delicious!  And this wonderful creation came about when Bertha Palmer asked a chef to make a dessert for women attending the fair. She had a few requests though... it had to be smaller than a piece of cake but yet still kind of like a cake, and be able to be eaten easily in a boxed lunch. Well, that chef did his duty as he created the first brownies ever, but his were extra special because they were covered in an apricot glaze and contained walnuts. I've never had brownies like that before, but you can still go to Chicago's Palmer House Hotel and get some of these brownies, made with the original recipe.  But they weren't called brownies at first... in fact, in 1896, the word brownie first popped up in a cookbook, referring to molasses cakes which were baked separately in tin molds. But in 1907, a woman from Bangor, Maine, had her recipe published in a book called Lowney’s Cook Book. She modified a recipe, which was published in The Boston Cooking School Cook Book a year earlier, by adding in an extra square of chocolate and an extra egg. That made for some really rich and fudge-like brownies that went on to become the 3rd ranked snack (out of 10) a few years later.  I'm not sure which kind of brownie I'd rather; the Bangor Brownie or the original, apricot-glazed brownies. Hmm... which would you choose?

So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, break out a box of brownie mix and get to it! You know how easy it is to make brownies, so you really have no excuse, unless of course you don't have a box of brownies on hand. If that's the case, then head to the grocery store and stock up on some brownie magic. Hey, who knows, you might just pass a bakery with freshly baked brownies on the way to your brownie mix. But I will let you decide what do to at that point. ;)  But you don't have to go with a box mix; you can make them scratch if you're awesome in the kitchen or you have a great brownie recipe. And if you don't have a great brownie recipe, then do a quick search online and you'll find about a thousand different recipes within 10 minutes. And if you have kids, or a chocolate lover, in your house then they will be more than happy to help you make the brownies. You will have to pay them in brownies for their work, of course!  But now that you know how brownies came about, why don't you try to create your own brownies? Imagine you were asked to create a small, cake-like dessert that was easy to eat in a packed lunch. Now it doesn't have to be chocolate but it should be brown, if you want to be able to call it a BROWNie. It could be a caramel, coffee or even a hazelnut-flavored cake and, in this case, would still be considered a brownie. You may do as you please and I hope it pleases your taste buds.  Have a great day and enjoy the flavors of brown!

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