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February 17th is National Cafe au Lait Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then maybe this will perk you up... it's National Cafe au Lait Day!  Break out your favorite mug and get ready to enjoy the holiday.  Let's get right into celebrating National Cafe au Lait Day!


Today is the same as most other food holidays; people love drinking cafe au lait so much that they felt the need to set aside a holiday for it! There's no real reason for this day to be chosen other than that. But what is cafe au lait?  Well, it's a French drink, as some of you might have assumed from the name. Cafe au lait literally means coffee with milk, and I'm sure you've heard of or even tasted this combination before. But this coffee drink is called many different things, depending on where you are.  In The Netherlands they call it "koffie verkeerd" which means "wrong coffee". In Poland they call it "kawa biała" which means "white coffee". In Germany they call it "Milchkaffee" which means "milk coffee". And if you go to Starbucks they call it "misto" which means "mixed".  But it doesn't matter what you call it or where you get it, if you want to make cafe au lait the traditional way then you need two things: dark coffee and heated, whole milk. So you'll need a dark roast coffee and you'll need to scald your milk until a film forms on top of it. Then you can mix the two together in a white porcelain cup or bowl. Yes, it's odd to drink coffee out of a bowl, but that is the traditional way!  This is a great holiday for you caffeine junkies that need to be perked up in the morning or need a quick cup to keep you going through the day.


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, you can go to your favorite coffee shop and order a nice cup of cafe au lait.  That would be a simple way to start your day.  But, you can just as easily make this at home!  That way you don't have to get dressed and pay someone to make your cafe au lait for you.  Just turn your coffee pot on and watch some TV or shower while it brews.  Then scald your milk, mix it together and sip on it while you read your email.  But, you might want to have a little fun with today... I mean it is a celebration, right?  So why not do a little experiment for future reference; why not see which place in your city serves the best cafe au lait?  Take a few minutes and jot down all the places that you normally go to that serve coffee.  Then head into each place and order a cafe au lait and sip it down while you read the paper or browse the internet on your laptop.
Jot down notes or make a mental note on how the cafe au lait was.  If they don't even know what it is then you might end up with a crappy version, but that's OK!  It's all part of the process of finding the best, locally-brewed cup of cafe au lait.  Why would you do all this?  Simply because the next time you feel like a cafe au lait, you'll know the exact place to go!  No one wants to drink a poorly made cup of coffee, so why not go through all the trial and error today and find your new favorite coffee spot?  Just try not to bounce off the walls too much!  Enjoy your day and sip slowly to avoid burning your tongue!

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