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May 4th is National Candied Orange Peel Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then don't throw out that orange peel because it's National Candied Orange Peel Day!  Yep, you can eat that too!  But let's get right into celebrating National Candied Orange Peel Day!


Today is a holiday because with the addition of some sugary syrup, someone has found a way to use all those orange peels we've been throwing out. It's a tasty little treat that can be eaten alone or added to baked goods and people seem to love the stuff. In fact, that's why today is a holiday; people love candied orange peels!  They've been making candied fruits for a long time, since the 14th century actually, and it's not just orange peels that they candy. But today is all about orange peels, so let's stay focused on them. But how do you make a candied orange peel? Well, what you do is either add the orange peels to heated, sugary syrup or boil them in the syrup.

And then you keep drenching them in strong syrups that have more and more sugar in them. Or some people just like to roll them in sugar after they've simmered for a while in the syrup; this makes them even more like candy!  Eventually it'll encase the peels in the syrup and they'll become saturated with sugar, which preserves them and keeps them from going bad. Then you just dry them off and you have a somewhat natural candy that will last for quite some time. You can dry them overnight or in your oven to speed things up.  Curious enough to try them?


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, you can go on a hunt to find some pre-made candied orange peels if you like. Check your local grocery store, candy store, bakeries or even online. Obviously online you'll be able to find them but you might be able get instant gratification by buying them locally. So look around, you may even find some chocolate covered ones.

Or you can just look online for a recipe and make some yourself. Just peel some oranges and get them ready for some piping hot syrup. You can leave them in their regular peeled form or you can slice them thin like a French fry or dice them. Then you can see who makes the best and most candy-like orange peels.  And you can even dip them in random things when you're finished to add to the candy aspect of things. It appears that chocolate is a common thing to dip them in but go to your grocery store and look at all the different types of "chips" you can melt down. There are milk chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips, mint chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips and so on. That will give you plenty of variety, so have fun figuring out which melted goodness is the best to dip them in.  Enjoy your day and never waste an orange peel again! ...OK, maybe just for today.

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