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October 31st is National Caramel Apple Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then heat up your stove because it's National Caramel Apple Day!  You've got some caramel to melt down!  So let's get right into National Caramel Apple Day!


Well, why don't you look around... I bet someone's eaten some kind of caramel apple treat around you within the past couple of days. Sure, you can go with a candied apple if you want to, but the flavor of caramel is leaps and bounds above the flavor of cinnamon. Don't believe me? Well good for you, because I've got millions of people that would agree with me! How do I know? Because we're celebrating caramel apples today, not candied apples, and the popularity is the reason for this holiday... as if you couldn't have guessed that. ;)  And if you don't know what a caramel apple is then today is your lucky day, because I'm going to explain away the mystery! First you take an apple and put it on a stick. Then you melt down some of those lovely caramel squares. Then you roll that beautiful apple in the melted caramel goodness. And, if you want a little something extra, you roll it in chopped peanuts and then let it cool back down.

So you get a crunch, sticky sweetness and then the crisp moistness of an apple. It's a good combination but it will take you a while to get through a full caramel apple. So, it's not really a horrible treat for your kids, or yourself, to have around this time of year. Sure, the caramel isn't the healthiest addition, but you have a full apple and then some added protein from the peanuts. So if you want to keep someone occupied for a while and trick them into eating a whole apple with some peanuts, then you're good to go!  You tricky trickster!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, why don't we start off with a little laziness, shall well? Just head to the store and see how many different caramel apple flavored treats you can find. You'll probably be able to find some pre-made caramel apples and there are plenty of other things that are inspired by this flavor combination. Like those caramel apple lollipops; they were always a hit in my house!   But, then again you can always just pick up some supplies and make your own. It really doesn't take much to do and you can have a little fun mixing up the ingredients. You can pick out your favorite kind of apple to include inside and can even use a different kind of nut if you want to. Heck, who says you have to use nuts? Use some sprinkles or crumbled cookies if you want... I won't tell anyone. ;)  But these days people are really stepping things up a notch with caramel apples. Some people roll them in sugar after the caramel is on there... which might be a bit of overkill. But hey, it's your caramel apple! What else do they roll them in? Melted chocolate of course! Then you pretty much have a candy bar with an apple inside it. Some people even paint designs on them with melted chocolate. Which gives me an idea... Melt down some white chocolate, stir in some orange food coloring, roll your caramel apple in it, let it cool, melt down some dark chocolate and paint it up like it's a jack-o'-lantern!  Have a great day and enjoy your creation!

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