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July 30th is National Cheesecake Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready to spoil your taste buds because it's National Cheesecake Day!  You can never have too many cheesecake holidays!  So let's get right into celebrating National Cheesecake Day!


Well, think about all the people you know who aren't lactose intolerant or vegan... now, how many of the remaining people hate cheesecake? Can you think of any? Sure, there may be a few rogue individuals who dislike the deliciousness of cheesecake, but there aren't that many! And we've demonstrated time and time again what happens when a ton of people like eating something as delicious as cheesecake. They celebrate with an official holiday and that special day is today!  Now cheesecake is made with a soft cheese, usually cream cheese, a crusty base or even a sponge cake base and then it might be topped with some kind of fruit or sugary sweet goodness. And you can make cheesecake by baking it, or using a no-bake version and they even have some that comes in a giant tub. It looks like a tub of butter, but you just scoop it out, put it on the crust and you have a cheesecake that's ready to eat.

So, as you can see, there are many ways to make a cheesecake which means there are many different varieties of cheesecake out there. There is New York style (which uses heavy cream), there is a version that uses sour cream instead of heavy cream, there's Pennsylvania Dutch style (which uses farmer's cheese), there's a country style (which uses buttermilk) and there is even lactose-free cheesecake (which uses lactose-free or non-dairy cream cheese). So I guess even lactose intolerant people and vegans can have their cheesecake and eat it too, huh?  There's a cheesecake for everyone!

So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, what's your favorite restaurant? Do you think you can get a reservation or just walk right in tonight? Well then, do that! I'm willing to bet they have some kind of cheesecake on their menu, so you might as well take advantage of the situation. Go to a place you love, get some amazing meal and then you're primed to finish off your celebration with the main event... the cheesecake! It's a simple and satisfying way to celebrate.  Or, you can opt to just go to a local grocery store and see what types of cheesecake they have baked up and ready for you to take home. Most places will have a few different types for you to choose from and give you the option of either getting a whole cheesecake, a couple slices or just a single slice. And if I were you I'd pick out a few different types of cheesecake that I haven't tried yet. It never hurts to explore, now does it?  But hey, if you have some time on your hands then you can easily make your own. You can make one from that Philadelphia Cream Cheese ready-to-eat cheesecake filling. I've used it before and it tastes pretty dang awesome! Or you can get one of those no-bake Jell-O cheesecake deals. Or you can make one from scratch and end up with one of the best tasting cheesecakes you've had in a while. It's all up to you and there are plenty of different cheesecake recipes for you to try out.  Have a great day and enjoy the richness!

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